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Buildings Assistant, St Helen's Bishopsgate (London, UK)

For further details and an application form please email Anthony Lui.


Job Title: Buildings Assistant

Objective: To assist the Facilities Manager in the practical running and upkeep of the church buildings in order to facilitate the mission of the church, which is to bring glory to God through knowing Jesus and making Him known.

Reports to: Facilities Manager

Responsible for: Assisting the Facilities Manager with the practical running and upkeep of the church buildings, including: cleaning, maintenance, repairs, some administrative tasks, facilitating ministry, security as well as helping to supervise the practical tasks of the Associates and Apprentices being trained at St Helens, and engaging in ministry.

Context/Location: Full-time (5 days per week Monday-Friday) with the expectation that there will be regular attendance of at least one Sunday Service each week.
St Helen Bishopsgate, St Andrew Undershaft, St Peter-upon-Cornhill and other office/ministry space used by The PCC of St Helen Bishopsgate.

Key Tasks:

1. Promoting the Christian faith to the general public including dealing with unsolicited questions from the public and St Helen’s Church Family about Christianity and your faith, and reflecting the truth of scripture in the way you conduct yourself in your duties.


Serving the St Helens Church family by keeping the church buildings clean, tidy and attractive in order to ensure the ministry of the church can take place in an appropriate environment.

  • Assist the Facilities Manager in supervising the SMAs, Associates and Apprentices as they clean the buildings, ensuring that high standards are maintained.
  • Carry out regular weekly cleaning such as mopping the church floors.
  • Carry out additional cleaning as directed by the Facilities Manager.
  • Monitor the stock levels of cleaning materials and toiletries and liaise with the Facilities Manager to ensure their effective replenishment.


Enable the smooth running of the ministry and events that take place in the buildings through assisting those responsible for running the ministry and events and ensuring the buildings are prepared.

  • Assist the Facilities Manager in supervising the SMAs, Associates and Apprentices as they set up the buildings for ministry.
  • Set out and clear away furniture, equipment and other items as directed by the Facilities Manager.
  • Be prepared to attend work outside of normal working hours to provide support, such as for Christian conferences, or weddings hosted in the church buildings or for adult baptisms at Sunday services.
  • Regularly check the various spaces in the church buildings to ensure that they are set up, clean and tidy, ready for ministry/meetings.
  • Assist the Receptionist and Catering Manager in receiving deliveries to the church.
  • Transfer goods and materials delivered to the church to appropriate locations around the buildings; assist with assembly of goods received where necessary and deal with any defects identified.


Assist the Facilities Manager in keeping the church buildings secure so as to prevent any financial loss or disruption to ministry that might arise from a lapse in security.

  • Initiate the necessary procedures quickly and accurately relating to the emergency services.
  • As a primary keyholder, be prepared to attend outside of normal working hours as and when required.
  • Regularly walk around all buildings to ensure that they are secure; act upon any issues identified.
  • Assist the Receptionist in managing visitors to the church buildings, appropriately supervising visitors and respectfully and carefully handling individuals who come to the buildings asking for money or assistance or who are aggressive.
  • Monitor parking on site


Help the Facilities Manager maintain the church buildings and any office/ministry space in a good state of repair and appearance.

  • Undertake routine maintenance such as testing the fire alarms, checking for vermin, inspecting fire-fighting equipment and first aid equipment.
  • Liaise with contractors when they are on site.
  • Undertake routine inspections of the church buildings.
  • Undertake reactive maintenance and repairs within capability as issues develop
  • Regularly inspect all drains and gullies for blockages, remedying as necessary.


  • Actively seek opportunities to share the gospel with visitors, contractors and neighbours
  • Being a Christian witness in the workplace (Colossians 3:22-24)
  • Being a Christian witness in the community in the course of your duties (Matthew 5:13-16)
  • Praying for the ongoing ministry of St Helen’s
  • Participating in the weekly office prayer meeting and monthly church prayer supper
  • Contributing to St Helen’s promotion of Christian standards in its ministry and working relationships and contributing to a workplace environment of mutual Christian encouragement (Matthew 18:15-17; Psalm 133)
  • Taking an active part in the spiritual life of St Helen’s (Hebrews 10:25)

Knowledge, Skills and Experience


  • Personal knowledge of and obedience to the Christian gospel
  • Ability to work alongside others demonstrating Christian principles and behaviours
  • DIY experience in basic tasks, sufficient so as to make basic fixings or effect simple repairs.
  • Physical fitness sufficient to undertake the tasks required safely, including working at height
  • Planning and organisational skills, including the ability to give clear instructions to others
  • Literacy in written and spoken English, such that the person can give and receive instructions, draft documents, communicate with suppliers, contractors, neighbours and other external contacts
  • Numeracy such that the person can check invoices and order forms
  • Computer literacy in word-processing, databases, website management and email programs. Microsoft Word, Access Outlook, Contribute and Windows Explorer are the programs used in the position.


  • Previous experience in buildings maintenance

Key Behaviours Required for Success in the Job

  • Recognise the authority of the Facilities Manager, and follow his/her instructions
  • Hard working with an eye for detail and willingness to take on a variety of tasks
  • Self-motivated and able to work unsupervised as well as part of a team
  • Honesty, integrity and an ability to maintain a consistent discipline of prayer and learning from God’s word
  • Ability to prioritise and to meet deadlines
  • Servant-hearted attitude in line with scripture, sensitive to others’ concerns and personal issues
  • Patience and courtesy with the church family, contractors, users of the buildings and the general public

Any Other Relevant Factors

  • Convenient travel arrangements
  • A member of St Helen’s (and if not currently attending, willing to make St Helen’s their church family)
  • To participate in a small-group Bible study through the year

Key Contacts

  • Mike Burden (Facilities Manager)


  • Develop experience in general building maintenance, including the aspects unique to listed and ecclesiastical buildings.
  • Develop communication and training skills.
  • Broaden knowledge and experience of DIY skills.
  • Training in the practice of Christian ministry through interaction with the Church Staff Team

For further details and an application form please email Anthony Lui.


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