Who is Jesus?

An introduction for Internationals

At our international Bible study evening there are lots of people who are not Christians, but who would like to learn about Christianity while they are in England. You are welcome to come and join one of these groups, and discover the Christian message for yourself!

Jesus was a Jew who lived 2000 years ago in Israel, and he is the person at the center of Christianity. That is why, to understand Christianity better, we will be studying ‘The Gospel of Mark' – a historical account of the life of Jesus written in the 1st century.

Jesus was the son of a carpenter. He never became a powerful ruler. He never led an army. In fact, he died young, in a brutal way, nailed to a cross. But today, millions of people all around the world worship him.

Jesus' death was not an accident. He told his followers he would die. He taught people that they had turned away from God and therefore they were separated from God. Jesus said that mankind deserved to be punished for their rebellion against God, they deserved to die.

But the Bible teaches that Jesus died in our place. He was perfect and he didn't deserve death – but he chose to die instead of us, paying for our rebellion against God and so saving us.

Because Jesus died and took the punishment mankind deserved, those who follow Jesus can now have a relationship with God. Though we have rebelled against God and not lived for him, if we trust Jesus' death in our place God forgives us our rebellion.

This means we can be friends with God. That friendship begins when you trust Jesus and means that after you die, you go to be with him forever.

Come and join us on Wednesday nights to discover more about this man Jesus. If you would like more information about anything you have read, or about our groups, email us on [email protected]


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