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Regret and The Christmas Party

Posted by Amy on December 18, 2014

The dark reality of the Christmas season is that it is fraught with opportunities for us to stumble and fall in our Christian walk. The one that probably looms largest over December is the Office Christmas Party. 

The heady mix of alcohol, impending time off work, a desire to impress and pressure to join in can all lead to an unplanned moment of recklessness. We watch, as if in slow motion, while we do something that, in the cold light Continue reading…

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Posted on December 15, 2014

Jamie Child completes our series on the doctrine of the word of God. This video is based on the RML (small group) 'Word of God weekend', the first weekend away for our small groups. Full audio of the training each session from the weekend can be found at our media library. St Helen's Training aims to train and equip bible handlers by sharing our best training resources. We pray that many people might grow in confidence in their bible Continue reading…

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30 minutes with Kevin de Young

Posted by Tim on December 12, 2014

Many of us will have come across Kevin de Young through his very helpful books (e.g. Just Do Something, Hole in our Holiness). Back in February, he preached at the 6pm and then Jamie grilled him about some of the topics that he's written about. It was a hugely helpful interview, and so we thought we'd share it again here.

Click here for the recording >>> (you'll need to click on the video recording rather than the audio to get the post Continue reading…

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Grumbling vs Gratitude

Posted by Jamie on December 12, 2014

I've been reading through the book of Numbers recently and have been a little bit taken aback by the sheer quantity of grumbling that comes out of the Israelites’ mouths. It's relentless. And they don't stop even when their grumbling keeps them from entering the Promised Land. It just keeps coming. It made me wonder if there was something about the human heart that loves a good grumble. Then I took a look at myself. Hmm. So I thought i Continue reading…

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Take Home Sheets for Sunday School

Posted by Peter on December 7, 2014

When someone says they are good at something, we usually assume they mean they are a notch or two above average. This week in John 10 Jesus says he is the 'good' shepherd, which is somewhat of understatement by our use of the word.

The defining quality of the 'good' shepherd is that he lays down his own life for his sheep, by so doing the shepherd is able to give his sheep eternal life.

To find out how we should respond to this shepherd Continue reading…

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