How can we stand against such a powerful enemy?

Posted by on February 25, 2011
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When I was invited on the RML weekend away I was rather unsure of what lay before me, but I felt included by my friends, and was eager to spend more time meditating on the cross, so I thought it would be a "nice" way to spend the weekend. I had no idea of the work God had planned to do...

The weekend was fantastic! Warm genuine Christian fellowship including many laughs and lots of games was more than expected, but the opportunity to worship and to glimpse at the beauty and depth of the work Jesus did on the cross for me reached into places in my soul which only God could, and kindled a flame which I am trusting Jesus to fuel more and more.

In particular, the second facet of the cross, Jesus' victory over Satan awoke me again to the reality of the battle that rages every day in me and around me.  Coming from Africa, where Satan is often less stealthy than he is in the first world, I am aware of this real spiritual battle, and that Satan (and the demonic dominions) are a very powerful, structured, experienced, and oppressive enemy. And that Satan has many deceptive weapons, but I had not given them the respect they deserve, and had ignored the reality that Satan also has a very valid weapon which, without the work of the cross, will be used to ultimately send many to a very real, inexpressibly terrible eternity. This obvious weapon is the simple accusation that we are sinners, and guilty. God is just, and sin of any description deserves death. God is true to his word, and He promised death to Adam's race, and Adam's race will suffer death. Satan just has to accuse, and our just God will enact justice.

The glorious truth is that on the cross (as familiar as this is for many of us, it should still stir up a joy and a hope like no other truth in all eternity), on the cross Jesus died! And as his death paid for the sins of those who have faith in him and are united with him by faith, on the cross he has disarmed our ultimate enemy of his only valid weapon. We can now stand before the accuser and say "yes, I was guilty - but Jesus has paid the price". It is finished. Victory is ours in Christ! We are more than conquerors!!

The evil dominion is not crushed completely yet though, and like the last twitches of a dying corpse, he still lashes out in very deceptive, targeted and oppressive ways, but for those in Christ he has no real sting. Where oh death is your sting? We underestimate Satan at our peril, and we must always be aware that the arm of flesh will fail us, but in Christ victory is secured, and in Christ we can put on the full armour of God, and stand!

This week's guest contribution to the RML Mark Wednesday blog was provided by Gordon Whiley, who has recently joined RML. 

As ever, here is the link to the prep sheet for next week's Mark study.

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