Could the force behind the universe be a person with a face?

Posted by Guest Events on October 31, 2011
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Why should I invite someone?

On the evening of Monday 7 November, we're turning St Helen's into the poshest of posh restaurants and hosting an evangelistic guest event with dinner and wine, a talk from Charlie Skrine, and time for questions during dessert. The timings are:
7.15pm for supper at 7.30pm
8.15pm talk followed by dessert and coffee
9.15pm questions to the speaker

It's probably one of the easiest invites you could ever extend to your non-Christian mates. I love guest events because (1) my friends will actually come when I invite them, (2) I know they'll have a great evening, whatever they make of the talk, and (3) they'll have an opportunity to hear the gospel and meet Jesus.

Why not download the flyer and email it to your friends?

If you're planning to bring someone, you can book places by contacting the St Helen's church office.
Great St Helen's, London EC3A 6AT
t: 020 7283 2231
e: [email protected]

What is the talk about?

I wonder if you've heard any of the following responses when you've tried to share the gospel with your friends: "I believe in God, but I don't think we can know what he's like." "I would call myself spiritual, but I don't believe in doctrines and statements of truth." "The forces behind our universe are impersonal. They don't care what we do or what is done to us."

Those are just a few things people have said to me over the years when the conversation turned to God. Most of my friends are happy to acknowledge the existence of God and even pray to him on occasion. But to say that you know who he is and what he's like? Well, that would be presumptuous!

In one sense, they're right. As John says in the opening verses of his gospel, "no one has ever seen God."

But they're only half right, because if God is a person with a face, if Jesus "has made him known," then the guessing games about God are over. We can know who he is and what he's like.

So the question on the table for the evening is: "Could the force behind the universe be a person with a face?"

How can I help?

If you've invited your friends and none of them can make it, you can still help! We need a number of volunteers who work behind the scenes to make the guest event a brilliant evening. Please email me (Dan) at [email protected] if you'd like to help.

And most importantly, please pray! Pray for logistics during the evening, that nothing will get in the way of the gospel being preached and heard. Pray for Charlie as he speaks. Pray that people will come. Pray that people will hear the gospel and believe in Jesus and have life in his name.

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