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Posted by Sunday Evening Team on May 26, 2016
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Recently, we caught up with an old friend, Andy Geers. He developed the prayer mate app, to help Christians pray.  We thought it would be useful to ask him a few questions about the app, and his thoughts on prayer generally. 

Andy, can you tell us about yourself?

I moved to London just over 10 years ago to work as a software developer. I joined St Helen's when I got here and helped lead Student RML groups until I decided to join the Euston Church plant when it started in 2010. I'm still a software developer, now married to Elise (who I met studying on the Cornhill Training Course) and we have two and a bit kids.

Why did you decide to start the ‘PrayerMate’ app?

I've always struggled with that gap between my desire to pray and actually managing to get on and do it! Perhaps you can relate to that experience of an email inbox full of prayer letters from people you really want to be praying for but somehow don't always manage to - and then when you actually do come to pray for them you can't really remember what they'd asked you to pray for them! I've always had an interest in how I could use my skills as a software developer to serve the gospel, and whilst studying on the Cornhill Training Course I had a bit of spare time during an Easter holiday and decided to see if I could build a mobile app to help bridge that gap.

Can you tell us a bit about the ‘PrayerMate’ app?

At its simplest, PrayerMate is a set of digital prayer lists - all of the various things you want to be praying for regularly separated into different categories (areas of personal godliness, my family, my small group, various mission organisations around the world, etc). Then each time you use the app it picks a few items from among those various lists. It can't actually make you pray, and it isn't a silver bullet, but in my experience it can certainly help me to keep track of a wider range of things that I'm able to keep in my little brain. It's also great to get feeds from people like London City Mission, Operation World, UCCF and so on to give me inspiration for how I can be praying for specific needs that I perhaps otherwise wouldn't know about.

Do you have any other creative ideas to help us be better pray-ers? 

Whether you use PrayerMate or not, first you need to know what you want to be praying for. I've found it helpful to think about my life and the different areas of responsibility I have and try to make sure I'm regularly praying into those different responsibilities. Blogger Tim Challies said recently "Most of life’s important matters require not only the act itself, but also the preparation for the act. This is true of worship, relationship, and romance, so why should it be any different with prayer?"

You can download the prayermate app here

Image by Flickr user r. nial bradshaw used under CC BY-NC-SA 2

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