A Day in the Life of... Helen (a student team associate)

Posted by Hannah on March 15, 2017
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A day in the life of Helen, a student team associate...

The alarm goes off at 8am – jump in the shower if my housemate hasn’t beaten me to it, get ready for the day, breakfast and coffee to wake me up and a chance to pray through what’s coming up that day. By 9.20 I’m on my bike heading into work.

It’s Tuesday, so for me that means it’s a Galatians morning. Once a week we have a three-hour training session delving into a book (Ephesians for the first 6 months and Galatians for the second 6) in a small group. Somehow, I ended up in charge of printing off everyone’s main points for the session, so I chase my group members to email them to me and try to get them printed in time before the session begins (and still have time to make sure the coffee pot is on my side of the room!).

It’s a joy, if somewhat brain-stretching, to get to spend three hours sharing what God has been saying to us through Galatians and helping each other get a clearer, sharper picture of that. Usually I leave with a list of questions as long as the one I came in with, but encouraged that God has spoken. Training sessions are one of the real highlights of the week as we’re challenged and stretched by God’s word and trained in our Bible handling. We pray, thanking God for all He has shown us and pray for help to carry on listening as we head into another week of studying the book and the next passage.

From training, time to run and throw on a ‘smart’ dress before the lunchtime city workers’ service. William preaches on Luke 22 and the radical servant-leadership of Jesus’ kingdom as He heads to the cross to save us. A wonderful reminder to fuel an afternoon of meetings!

I’m on duty this week collecting and counting the lunch money after the service, and then I grab lunch and head over to our student team meeting. Team meeting is a great chance to review the ministry area we’re involved in. Several of our team has been away over the past few weeks helping with university mission weeks across the country – we take the opportunity to feedback on lessons we can learn for university mission in London. Then some practical admin for our student evangelistic event that evening before good time to pray together for that event.

Next, whole staff meeting – meeting a mission partner visiting from New Zealand, hearing about and praying for evangelistic opportunities across the church family and some training in how we help one another as church family think Biblically about giving. Whole staff meetings are a fantastic opportunity to get an insight into ministry areas I’m not directly involved with.

Time for a quick cup of tea and a chance to chat and catch up with other staff. Much needed breather by this point in the day!

One of the other associates has a friend visiting who wants to know more about the scheme, so we head to a coffee shop together and chat for an hour before I need to head off to our event. Quick stop by Sainsburys to get some dinner (if I had been organised, I would have made a packed dinner…) then praying for the event again before moving chairs and tables, putting out gospels and debating the best settings for the lights at our venue. I get to spend the event chatting with one of our students and her Muslim friend over coffee and cake. We heard a talk from Luke 15 about the prodigal son so we get to chat about God’s goodness and contrast the wonderful way the Bible describes God as a forgiving Father with her view of God.

After the event, we pack down and head home. My housemate and I unwind together over a cup of tea before it’s time to head upstairs. A Psalm and time to talk to God about the day before bed – it’s been a long day and a late night (I turn out the light about midnight – still living like a student!) but there’s lots to thank God for. Tomorrow’s looking a lot less hectic though – plenty of time to get my teeth into my Romans and Philippians prep for the week before I meet a student at 4pm!

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