1 Timothy 2:8-15 for everyone

Posted by Sunday Evening Team on May 2, 2018
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On Sundays at 6pm we continue our series on 1 Timothy. You can catch up on Sunday's sermon here. 1 Timothy 2:8-15 is often in people's minds a passage about women in church. But as we discovered on Sunday, there are plenty of implications for both men and women. So we asked some of you what you thought. Here's a selection of applications and encouragements from both women and men at the 6pm:

As men, we should have a clear view on godly womanhood and should value and honour those characteristics, to encourage women to want to grow in godliness. But I also need to do my part to help the church body function well, as God had intended. I'm going to start simple... with making the monthly prayer meetings a priority; not because meetings are important, but since our actions are influenced by our affections, I know I need to orient my mind and heart with God and his mission to redeem lost souls. Andrew

I was really encouraged by what could have been a very hard and controversial truth. God is clear in that he created men and women as equal but different. As a redeemed community of God, we should graciously embrace our roles and live in line with the original order that he intended. I’m excited to see and encourage the men in church to step up in their role of leading and get alongside the women in church as we aspire to the godly model of behaviour that Paul outlines. Lexi

I think us women need to talk about what it is to embrace our femininity. Could we try and have open and sincere conversations together to understand how we, in London, in 2018, will be faithful, loving, holy, self-controlled women? Lucy

I was struck by the how there seemed to be squabbling for position at the heart of the problems. Although I haven't got into fist fights with other blokes, I'm always tempted to jostle for position and recognition. I was challenged to put my energy into praying instead. Jonny

I found it helpful to think about spending more time on good deeds than making myself look pretty as an application for being a 'well-dressed woman'. Also, my co-leader is really great at verbally saying he values me - not in an over the top way or every five minutes, but every now and again. I recommend this to all male leaders! Tiff

On first reading this passage can seem elitist and chauvinistic but it’s helpful to be reminded of the context of 1 Timothy - it was elitist false teaching that Paul seemed to be countering. By taking us back to Genesis 2, we see that men and women together are the image of God with different roles of truly equal value. This helps us to hear these words without any preconception of elitism, which was really helpful for me. The challenge for us is to really think of men and women in this way and to truly, deeply value these different roles equally. Emma

One challenge for me was to think about how we can be men like God wants us to be, not men who abandon their responsibilities like Adam in Genesis 3. A simple application I’ll look at putting in place with my RML group is to encourage all the men in the group to be praying. Yann

I see now how I can't possibly deny the role God gave me as a woman, to support and help my brothers in Christ. I think it's really exciting that I can think about growing in godliness, by considering how I can be growing in true "woman-ness" - particularly in modesty & self-control. Aimee

As someone who has spent most of life being aware of not fitting into society’s idea of what it is to be female I find this passage really encouraging. It’s wonderfully freeing that expressing my gender is essentially choosing to use all that God has given me to help men in the task of reaching out to those who aren’t yet saved. Tracey

The main application for men is - pray! We men should be asking ourselves: Will I take a lead in praying for the church’s mission to save all people? Do I believe this is what “manning up” looks like? Do my priorities show that I am serious about prayer? Simon

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