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Posted by Sunday Evening Team on June 20, 2018
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Andy Geers Prayermate

We caught up with the developer of PrayerMate to find out what it is and how it got started. Andy Geers used to be part of the 6pm congregation at St Helens before heading off with a church plant.

Hi Andy! You’re the developer of PrayerMate. What is PrayerMate?

PrayerMate is a free app for your mobile phone that helps you be consistent in praying for yourself, for your loved ones and for God’s world

In a nutshell how does it work?

You keep a bunch of lists of all the things you want to pray for. Every day it picks a selection from across those lists so over time you can make sure you pray for everything but without being overwhelmed.

Does it take a long time to set up?

I think the best thing to do is to start small with the people you want to pray for every day – the easy ones like your family or your small group from church. You can also pick a few organisations to subscribe to, like the St Helen’s prayer diary or a prayer every day from London city mission. Then just go from there and build it up over time

Where did you get the idea from?

Originally it was reading ‘A Call To Spiritual Reformation’ by Don Carson. I thought ‘this would work really well as an app’. He talked about the things he prayed for every day and then all of the other random things. So basically it’s just a digital version of what I was doing anyway with lots of bits of paper. You know, so things like the St Helens prayer calendar – you’d get given this piece of paper, the prayer diary, at the prayer meeting, but when you’d come to pray you’d inevitably lost it. So I thought if only I could have it all together in one place.

So PrayerMate doesn’t just use the prayer requests that I type into it, but I can find lots of other prayer lists, is that right?

Yes! So you can download suggested prayers for how to pray for your pastor or your church, there are some books from The Good Book Company in there, there’s over 500 different charities that you can subscribe to, you can also get missionaries that you support – they can get their prayer letters straight into PrayerMate. And we’re just starting to roll out a shared list function for your church small group or RML group.

Is this your full time job now?

Yes it is. I’m supported mostly by donations from generous users and some income from churches and charities that you can pray for.

How can we pray for you as you keep working on PrayerMate?

That’s a good question. I think pray that I would stay enthusiastic and joyful as I work. There’s a lot to do, so pray that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed with all the things I could do but prioritise the things that will help people pray.

So can we download the app and get started?

Yes! In fact if you download it here it will come pre-installed with the St Helen’s prayer diary.

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