Ro Trivedi

Posted by City Team on June 30, 2010

 Ro Trivedi

Why I Follow Jesus Christ

What was your impression of Jesus Christ and Christianity growing up?
I didn't really have one! At school I was only interested in passing exams & playing sport. Even in my first year of university I was focussed on the same things, plus drinking lots of alcohol.
How did your impression change?

I had been thinking that I needed to sort out my standing before God, which I put off until I went to university. I Continue reading…

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From Thursday Lunchtime to Tokyo

Posted by City Team on June 21, 2010

An Interview with Ian Maclennan


Ian, you applied to go on the recent short term mission which went to Tokyo over the Easter holiday, why did you apply?

I was in two minds about whether to apply as it's a long way, the trip was quite costly and I was not sure whether I would be any good at mission work!  I have never been on a mission before and I have only very rudimentary Japanese.  I was encouraged to apply by my Partnership group le Continue reading…

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A Day in the Life ... Phil (a city team associate)

Posted by Roger on June 21, 2010

Associate Phil2A Day in the life of a City Associate...

My alarm goes off at 6:20am. I hit snooze and turn over. Annoyingly my alarm then goes off again at 6:25am, but as a battle-hardened snoozer I'm no pushover. At around 6:45am I get out of bed and have a shower.

At 7am I go downstairs to have breakfast. My fellow associate housemate will invariably have set the table for breakfast the night before. It's just a bowl and a spoon, but he feels it's n Continue reading…

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Following the Roman Road

Posted by City Team on June 13, 2010

Thought-provoking sites in the City
Following the Roman Road
Dan Doherty

I'm walking down an ancient Roman road in London.  
Beneath my feet lay red cobblestones with irregular geometric patterns.  Some are large, some are small but they are all held in place by smooth mortar.  Overhead, electric lamps burn constantly, illuminating patterns from antiquity that had been put in place by hand.  
The road in question is in the crypt beneath the Continue reading…

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Gospel to Shanghai and Beijing

Posted by City Team on June 6, 2010


Ministry Trip to China
Simon Pilcher, Fund Manager

Henry ET (who speaks Mandarin and has a ministry amongst the Chinese in London), Mark O'Donoghue (St Helen's City Minister) and I spent a week in Beijing and Shanghai in April.  We met up with ex-pat Christians, young returnees (typically people who have studied for a year or more in the West, where they have come to faith) who are in the process of being integrated into the local churc Continue reading…

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