Food for thought from Sunday 4pm 28 November

Posted by Claire on November 30, 2010

Tom Nash spoke from Exodus 15:22 - 17:16.

The LORD graciously tests and provides for his people so don't test him but trust him.  How am I tempted to test and not trust the LORD?

 To find the talk, go to the So you will know that I am the LORD series .

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Posted by Student Team on November 29, 2010

invited carols

December is almost upon us and the student team are feeling very festive. Our fave coffe store has got the new cups out to celebrate. Shops are playing the Christmas tunes. The weather is freezing and the adds on TV are telling us what we need this Christmas.

Christmas is a brilliant opportunity to tell people about the great news of Jesus. Everyone loves a good carol service and students in London have a wonderful way to get their fr Continue reading…

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Food for thought from Sunday morning 28 November

Posted by Claire on November 29, 2010

William Taylor spoke from Matthew 7:1-12. 

Summary: Our judgmental criticism of others is, according to Jesus, a real cause for concern.  It could be a symptom of a much deeper problem to do with our relationship with God. 

Question: In what ways am I / are we judgmentally hypocritical?  How does Jesus' teaching help to address the issue?

To find the talk, go to the Values of the Kingdom series.

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RML Romans 5v1-11

Posted by Alex on November 26, 2010

Hi Team Romans,

Hope you enjoyed the "Wired for Work" session last week. A really helpful reminder that work is good, work is grim, but work is governed by God and the gospel. Do keep discussing these things together over the coming weeks.

This coming Tuesday evening (30 November) we're back in Romans again. We're looking at Romans 5v1-11 together, which marks the start of a brand new section. This passage is all about rejoicing in the Continue reading…

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Prep questions for John 7 (week 10)

Posted by Jamie on November 26, 2010

John 7:1-52

1. List the different reactions to Jesus to be found in chapter 7.

2. How are Jesus' words in v7 demonstrated in vv11-31?

3. What do we learn about the people's relationship with the Law, the Father and heaven from this passage? How does this help us understand their reaction to Jesus?

4. How does Jesus offer in vv. 37-39 meet their need?

5. How does this passage deepen our understanding of what Jesus came to do? How should Continue reading…

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