Only One Life! Why consider full time paid gospel ministry?

Posted by City Team on February 23, 2011

A significant question indeed, and one that several City workers find themselves asking.

If you weren't able to make it to the evening itself, or want to listen again, click here to download the talk given by Don Carson, followed by a Q&A. The talk given on Monday 7th February 2011, was to men and women gathered from churches across the Inner London Gospel Parternship.

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The grace of giving

Posted by City Team on February 22, 2011

"They'll be after your money!"  That's what city workers told a colleague when they heard she had started going to St Helen's at lunchtimes.

Thankfully money is rarely mentioned at St Helen's.  Indeed it can often be taboo among polite Christian circles but it is a key part of Christian discipleship.   Listen to William Taylor's Grace of Giving talk and hear why giving a small or large amount to Gospel ministry is a privilege and blessi Continue reading…

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Is it game over..? Overview prep notes for Ezekiel 34

Posted by Lucy on February 21, 2011

Last week Ezekiel prophesied that Jerusalem would fall, and in 33v21 news arrives that it has. It seems like all hope is gone, it seems like God's plan is in tatters, it seems like game over. But amazingly over the next 3 studies God announces he will step in to sort things out...

... to begin to look at God sorting things out download this week's prep notes for Ezekiel 34.

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Youth RML... almost as crazy as you think

Posted by Sam on February 19, 2011

Some people think Youth RML is just an excuse to go crazy. That's only half right, as this video from last month's prayer supper shows:

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Why did Jesus have to be punished in our place?

Posted by RML Wednesday Mark on February 18, 2011

Why was it necessary for Jesus to be born as a human being and die on the cross?  Surely an all powerful, all knowing, loving God could devise a simpler, less costly way to allow us to enter heaven?  Perhaps he could just have left a checklist for us to complete here on earth to be rubber stamped at the pearly gates and exchanged for a heavenly entry visa.  Maybe he could simply just forgive our sin and waive us straight through, no que Continue reading…

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