Am I not free?

Posted by Sam on February 18, 2011

Am I not free

Last Sunday evening’s talk was the first of a five part series from 1 Corinthians 8-10.  We’re calling the series ‘Am I not free?’
These chapters are about what my Christian life should be about: am I in it for me, or for other people?  How much can I enjoy my Christian freedoms, and how much do I have to change to suit other people?
The talks will be:
·         13 Feb - “Am I free to do anything that isn’t forbidden?” (1 Corinthians 8 Continue reading…

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How to get rich quick!

Posted by Sam on February 17, 2011

Money Mentor... well not quite. But the Bible does have lots of wisdom on how to think about money and how to use it well.

At RML Romans on Tuesday we've got the privilege of having Ash Carter, author of the Money Mentor, coming to join us. He'll be walking us through some of the Bible's teaching on money and helping us to apply it to day to day life in London.

Ash is now studying for ordination at Oak Hill College in North London. Before that he u Continue reading…

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Why bother with prep?

Posted by The 4pm Team on February 16, 2011

Life just seems like it couldn't get much busier. Work seems to be expecting more and more of us, and we struggle even to get along to RML, let alone think about preparing for it.

It's getting to the stage of term when I expect that's the story for most of us. And yet here's a blog post all about how to make the most of prep. What a waste of time, eh?

Actually, no - or at least I hope not. Because I want to first of all convince you tha Continue reading…

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Don Carson Talks (SEGP 2011 & Other) now available

Posted by Monty on February 15, 2011


Recordings of the conference with Don Carson held on Friday and Saturday 4-5 February 2011, together with Don Carson's Sunday sermons and 9:38 evening sessions on 6-7 February 2011, are now available.

Click here to hear / download individual talks.

Click here to order all 9 Don Carson sessions on Audio CD

Click here to order the SEGP conference talks only on Audio CD

Check back soon to download or order the followin Continue reading…

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What's the big message of Romans 5-8?

Posted by Sam on February 15, 2011

Tonight in RML Romans we're reviewing chapters 5-8 of Paul's mega-letter to the church in Rome, trying to pull the ideas together, and thinking about how it's impacting us.

If you're in Romans and you have a chance before tonight, it would be worth re-reading chapters 5-8 and having a go at a purpose statement for the entire section (as per the prep questions on page 63 of the workbook). Also, have a think about how this section of the Continue reading…

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