What does it look like to be free..?

Posted by Lucy on May 31, 2011

In RML Overview this week we'll be looking at Galatians 5, it should help us this week to see what it looks like to be free in Christ. Have fun!

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The Ultimate Relationship

Posted by The 4pm Team on May 26, 2011

In Tuesday's Sex and Relationships seminar we saw that the ultimate relationship that we were made for is not with another human, but with God himself, and that the ultimate (though not only) purpose of marriage is to be a reflection of that - the relationship between Christ and the church (Eph 5:31-32).

It might be that Tuesday was the first time some of us had ever thought about that. For others struggling with relationship issues, it Continue reading…

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RML Romans 14v1-12 Prep

Posted by Alex on May 26, 2011

Hi Team Romans,

Hope you have all had a good week, and have been encouraged to keep on loving one another, because it pleases God and because we have cast our eyes forward to the fast approaching day of salvation.

This week we are looking at Romans 14v1-12, so please have a go at the Prep Notes (pdf) to help you get the most out of it, and to best serve your group.

That is all, see you round.

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How do you prepare for a sermon series?

Posted by Sam on May 24, 2011

As you could probably tell if you heard Sunday night's first sermon series in Chronicles, our rector, William Taylor, has done a lot of thinking about Chronicles over the past few months.

But have you ever wondered how you get to know an unfamiliar book like Chronicles?

Join us inside William's study as he talks about how he's prepared to teach us what God is saying in Chronicles.

This video is also worth watching if you got a bit lost Continue reading…

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Apocalypse Not!

Posted by City Team on May 23, 2011

The End of the World - but NOT as we know it!

The rock band, REM, sang casually about it, Twitter was trending wildly on it, and the Lord Jesus taught clearly about it. However, despite Harold Camping's bold prediction that the end of the world would begin on Saturday 21 May 2011, rather like REM, we all feel fine and carry on much as before. Yet another end time prediction has come and gone with fanfare and failure. 

89 yr old Camping, Continue reading…

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