The Glory of the Cross

Posted by The 4pm Team on June 30, 2011

RML might be coming towards an end as our last studies appear on the horizon, but I hope you'll agree we're finishing Mark's gospel on a high.

Mark 14 and 15 are extraordinary chapters, as we see Jesus enduring not only the shame and mocking and immense physical suffering of the cross, but then as the land is covered in darkness we see him, though himself totally innocent and unjustly tried, willingly bear the wrath of God for the sins Continue reading…

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Jesus: Disgraced Loser or Supreme King?

Posted by RML Wednesday Mark on June 30, 2011

In Mark's account of Jesus' crucifixion (Mark 15), Jesus looks completely and utterly defeated and disgraced.  He could not have looked less like a king, let alone God's King.  He was shouted down by the crowd, mocked for his claim of authority, taunted for not helping himself, humiliated by anyone who wanted a free shot at him, spat upon in hatred, loaded with insults, beaten on the head, flogged on his back, and finally crucified besi Continue reading…

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Summer Special

Posted by Amy on June 30, 2011

William teaching

The Lord's Supper. What's it all about?

This summer at Learning for Life we have a special one-off session thinking about the Lord's Supper. If you've never been to Learning for Life before, why not come along on Sunday 10th July? We meet in St Andrews from 12.30pm for lunch, followed by a talk and question time finishing at 2pm. It's a real help for those cooking the lunch if you can let us know if you're planning to come.

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Grill Time

Posted by Amy on June 28, 2011

Its only a week until the Junction/YRML Grill-a-Christian event. You can download the invitation if you want to email it to your friends. Don't forget to get in touch with the youth team to let us know how many people you're hoping to bring.

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The Holy City

Posted by The 4pm Team on June 28, 2011

On Sunday afternoon Tom preached to us from Revalation 21:1-22:5 about the wonderful new creation that awaits God's people. The new creation can feel very distant and abstract. It's probably fair to say that for most of us, this future reality is not at the forefront of our mind. Why not set aside some time this week to reflect on this passage. Here are some questions from Tom to help us examine our hearts and lives.

How does the truth Continue reading…

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