Whose job is it to build up the church?

Posted by City Team on March 29, 2012

How would you answer that question?  Is it the pastor's job to build up the church?  Is it Jesus' job?

Andrew Sach spoke on this topic at the St Helen's lunchtime talks this week from Paul's letter to the Ephesians (download the recording on our website).  Paul would say that both answers are correct, but only partially correct.  Both Jesus and our pastor have roles to play in building up the church, but their roles aren't what we might Continue reading…

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Why Palm Sunday is much better than you think

Posted by RML Wednesday Mark on March 23, 2012

It can be hard as those in 21st Century London to get into the head of Mark's original readers, but he starts a new section (chapters 11-13) its crucial to try and think like a 1st Century Jew. Imagine Joe. He's a twenty-something year old guy working in Jerusalem, trying to make a living and keep on the right side of the occupying Romans, looking forward to the arrival of the promised Messiah. When the city life gets tough, Joe can loo Continue reading…

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If God is sovereign, why pray?

Posted by Sunday Evening Team on March 23, 2012

If God is sovereign then why would we pray to him? This was something - taking God's sovereignty as a given - with which I had long grappled.  I didn't really know what the point was. Either he has already decided to do what we then ask him to do or somehow, in praying to him, we change his mind and sway the plans of God.

I came to realise on our recent RML Romans Weekend Away that this is probably a slightly backwards way of looking at Continue reading…

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I stand guilty before the cross

Posted by City Team on March 22, 2012

Does God care about injustice? How do we know that God loves us? What are we really like? We find answers to all of these questions in Jesus' death on the cross.

This week, we finished an excellent series on the cross at the St Helen's lunchtime talks (you can download the last talk here). If you've missed any of the talks or would like to forward them to a colleague, you can find recordings of the whole series on our website.

William l Continue reading…

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How should we #PrayForMuamba?

Posted by Student Team on March 20, 2012

Pray for Muamba

Bolton Wanderers have opened up the Reebok Stadium for it, the Red Tops & Gary Cahill are asking us to do it, and it’s trending on Twitter. #PrayForMuamba.

Lots of people have probably found themselves doing this over the last few days. This probably includes a lot of people who don’t usually pray. Despite this, they will know in short what to be praying. Survival. Recovery. Health. These things are intuitive even for those who don’t k Continue reading…


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