Being a Christian in the workplace

Posted by City Team on May 31, 2012

Ro Trivedi recently finished seven years as an IT analyst at Deutsche Bank to become a Maths teacher. We asked him for his top tips on being a Christian in the workplace.

I hope that the following thoughts will be helpful as you work and live as an ambassador for Christ, with the ministry of reconciliation that we have all been given...

1. Personal prayer and workplace prayer groups are vital

If there are enough Christians in your workp Continue reading…

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What makes grown men cry?

Posted on May 31, 2012

"And he broke down and wept" (Mark 14:72).

Isn't Peter's breakdown exactly the way we feel at the end of Mark 14:26-72? We see the immense contrast between a resolute, innocent Jesus going to His terrifying death, and the disciples' abysmal failure and desertion. As we see Jesus' utter abandonment in His hour of need, don't we feel Peter's sorrow at his failure?

At the emotional climax of Mark's gospel, we see Jesus determined to do the Continue reading…

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Why Jesus' death is everyone's business

Posted by Monty on May 30, 2012

Death that changed the world

One of the most common responses to an invitation to a Christian talk is 'Sorry - I'm not religious; it's just not my thing'  In other words, 'Christianity neither interests nor concerns me enough for me to invest time in finding out about it.'  The problem with this reaction is that there are things in life which affect us, whether we are interested in them or not.  If I go out in the rain without an umbrella, I will get wet, regardle Continue reading…

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3 Reasons Jesus had not to die

Posted by The 4pm Team on May 30, 2012

Mark 14:26-72 shows very clearly Jesus' willingness, even determination to go to the cross. That's surprising enough given what we know about Roman crucifixion, but aside from the obvious physical suffering, here are 3 reasons Mark gives us why Jesus had every right not to go through with it:

1) The injustice

V53-65 particularly show this: Jesus' sham trial, taking place at night (illegally), full of false testimony, men judging the one Continue reading…

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What would you do with 26 grand?

Posted by RML Wednesday Mark on May 24, 2012

Mark's account of the woman's extravagance in Mark 14 seems an age away from 21st Century London. We don't carry pure nard around with us (well, I don't!) and as Christians we value Jesus' death. Don't we? Mark's words to us this week are an enormous challenge, if only we'll listen.

The scene is set simply, with Jesus sitting back at the dining table of Simon the leper, when out of the blue, a woman arrives with an extremely costly gift Continue reading…

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