SERMON BITES: God deals with people like you and me

Posted by Peter on February 27, 2015

One of the surprising and ultimately comforting aspects of the Bible is its candour concerning human nature. Human beings are wicked; yet God chooses to work with them and through them and even save them.

In his sermon Working with Terrible Raw Material from the current series on the life of Joseph, William Taylor draws out painfully from Genesis 38 the wickedness of Joseph's brother, Judah. This makes all the more poignant and wonderf Continue reading…

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Jesus: The source of all wisdom

Posted by Tim on February 27, 2015

As we've been working our way through Colossians at 6pm, we’ve heard a number of remarkable statements about Jesus. He made all things (Col. 1:16). He sustains all things (Col. 1:17). He has reconciled all things (Col. 1:20). And then this from Colossians 2v3:

‘… Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.’

It’s a statement designed to stop us in our tracks. 

Jesus Christ is the source of all wisdom. Jesus Chr Continue reading…

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Come dine with me

Posted by Tim on February 24, 2015

London gets a lot of stick for being impersonal and lonely. No-one speaking on the tube, everyone competing on the roads, neighbours living side by side for months and yet only knowing each others' names because of all the times they've arranged the post into neat piles.

But I'm not sure that reputation is entirely fair. London is also an eminently social city, with thousands upon thousands of bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, coffee sho Continue reading…

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Take Home Sheets for Sunday School

Posted by Peter on February 22, 2015

Sunday School Logo2

Sending flaming camels towards your enemy (yes, literally camels loaded with stacks of burning hay) sounds like a fairly odd battle plan, but for Emir Timur in 1398 it actually worked. For him it was more luck than anything else as the opposition’s herd of war elephants were spooked by the fiery dromedaries.

If you were Joshua, you might have thought God's battle plan to defeat Jericho was a bit odd too; just march around the city for Continue reading…

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Jesus: so much bigger than we think

Posted by Jamie on February 19, 2015

Colossians 1:16 says, “by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth… all things were created through him and for him.” The “him” is Jesus. Just stop and think about that for a moment.

The bloke who walked the earth for 30 or so years was also the one who made it all in the first place. When he was born as a baby it was the most spectacular act of humility but it wasn’t the beginning for him. He had been there when everything Continue reading…

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