Is camping part of God's eternal plan?

Posted by Tim on August 26, 2015

We asked Helen Palmer from RML Mark to reflect on her time on a Summer Camp...

Camping holidays have always bewildered me. Why trade in centuries of technological advances to return to primitive living of outdoor showering, sleeping on the ground and no central heating?! Plus, remember we live in Britain where it’s pretty much guaranteed to rain as soon as you pitch your tent. 

Throwing away all logical reason, we did just that: 10 day Continue reading…

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What I 'gave up' to do this job

Posted by Tim on August 19, 2015

This autumn Drew Balch and Ruthanne Millen join the 6pm staff team. We’ve asked them to tell us what they gave up to teach the Bible full time, and why they think it was the right choice…

Ruthanne (‘Women’s worker’, midweek you’ll find her at RML Mark Wednesday/RML Overview)

Tell us something interesting about yourself:

I grew up in the same town as ‘The Corrs’ (if you’ve ever heard of them?!) And I have twice helped cut off someone’s Continue reading…

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Summer Sun: A little taste of heaven

Posted by Ruthanne on August 11, 2015

I love sunshine. It brightens up the world, and once I put my sunglasses on, with that funny tint they bring, everything looks just rosy.

So imagine my joy when last week I arrived on the beach, to glorious sunshine! I was excited; a whole day in the sun lay ahead. It was amazing; the sun’s light bouncing off the water, everyone happy.  A dear friend, bemused by my excitement, reminded me that I should rejoice in the gospel and not cir Continue reading…

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Joy in suffering? Seriously? Yes, seriously

Posted by Jamie on August 4, 2015

Joy. Don’t you just love that word? It almost sounds like it feels. And who doesn’t want more of it? That’s why it’s been great over the last couple of weeks to see that joy is a mainstay of the Christian life. Not an occasional experience for a lucky few, but a normal attitude for everyone who feeds on the gospel of Grace.

But here’s where it gets gritty. What about suffering and its relationship to joy? It’s relatively straightforwar Continue reading…

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