Prepare to pray

Posted by Sunday Evening Team on May 26, 2016


Recently, we caught up with an old friend, Andy Geers. He developed the prayer mate app, to help Christians pray.  We thought it would be useful to ask him a few questions about the app, and his thoughts on prayer generally. 

Andy, can you tell us about yourself?

I moved to London just over 10 years ago to work as a software developer. I joined St Helen's when I got here and helped lead Student RML groups until I decided to join the Continue reading…

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Is platonic possible?

Posted by Ruthanne on May 25, 2016

Sunday means get together

A platonic relationship is ‘a close relationship in which there is no romance or sex’.  And yes, it’s possible to have good platonic friendships at church!

Yet, there’s a reason we ask the question. We’ve all had good platonic friendships.  We’ve also all seen some girl-guy (or girl-girl/guy-guy) friendships go wrong, because of the tension of wanting romance or sex, when it’s not a possibility.

It goes something like this. We realise Continue reading…

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'The Bible believes in application'

Posted by Sunday Evening Team on May 19, 2016

PREACHING MATTERS: Applying the Bible

Justin Mote, is the chair and director of training at the Northwest Gospel Partnership. In this video he shows us how we should believe in application because the Bible believes in application. Application is not moralism. In fact getting us to think right is as much application as getting us to live right.

It's a video primarilily aimed at Bible teachers and preachers, but we think it's so good, it's well worth a watch by all! 

St He Continue reading…

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Flirt like a Christian

Posted by Drew on May 19, 2016

You lost me in your dreams  series ... But I love your feet

Flirting: harmless fun or dangerous pursuit?

Why do we so easily fall into the world’s pattern of flirting?

I’m a guy. So as I think about it, I wonder if we men are lazy. Sometimes we just really want female attention and affection. Maybe we’re just insecure. I’m guessing there’ll be similar reasons for the girls. After all it’s nice to get some attention…

Please don’t hear me wrong; I know we long for friends, and often wish we wer Continue reading…

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What next?

Posted by Amy on May 11, 2016

one to one w devices

Lots of us are bringing friends and colleagues to the Real Lives events this week. One idea for keeping the conversation going afterwards is to offer to read and talk about a gospel with them. Sounds terrifying, or just plain awkward? Fear not. Here are 5 ideas to make it easier to read a gospel with a friend.

1. Ask them! What’s the worst that can happen? They say no? Think about how you want to phrase your Continue reading…

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