Posted by Sunday Evening Team on June 30, 2016


What is the overall message of 2 Peter? How does Peter achieve his aim? Are there any big surprises in 2 Peter?

William answers all these questions and more. Click to play now.

St Helen's Media is pleased to bring you Preaching Matters, a monthly video resource designed to equip, encourage and inspire those who teach God's word. Each month we sit down with preachers and ask what they have recently been thinking about and preaching. If Continue reading…

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Work is still good...and still grim

Posted by Ruthanne on June 28, 2016


This week, we revisit our January sermon series on work, listen back here>>>

We asked Becky and Tom, to reflect on their ongoing application of the series.

Becky is a social worker:

Work continues to be good and work continues to be grim, no surprises there! However I think the big thing that has stuck with me from the work sermon series is that we are working for the Lord of the harvest whose will is for people to come and be a part Continue reading…

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I learned to read in my 30s

Posted by Amy on June 22, 2016


I was always something of a slow reader. As a child my mother was so desperate for me to read anything that she resorted to buying me books of jokes (side note – Where do policemen live? Letsbe Avenue.)

I didn’t get much better at reading as I grew up. I read much but digested little. And that had a big impact on my ability to read Christian books. I was so desperate to tackle the books being recommended at church, but the experien Continue reading…

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Finding a family

Posted by Drew on June 21, 2016


On the back of the Mark RML weekend away on Church, we thought it’d be a good to think through the question that will face, almost all, of us in the future…

Where should we go to church when we leave St Helen’s?

If church is as important as the Bible thinks it is; as one of God’s primary ways of keeping His people going until the new creation, then it is a question that has huge significance!

So here are a few questions to think th Continue reading…

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6PM Baptisms

Posted by Sunday Evening Team on June 16, 2016

Baptism 1

Wasn't Sunday night at the 6pm great?! It was so exciting to hear the stories of how five of our family were brought from death to life, as they trusted Jesus, and then to watch them be baptised. Here are some photos.

Baptism 5

baptism 8

Baptism 3

Baptism 2

Baptism 4

baptism 6

Baptism 7

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