Good news for the Self-confessed Commitment-phobe

Posted by Amy on October 27, 2016

An exiting Date

"We need to have the relationship chat. Look, we’re just not on the same page. I’m committed to this relationship. It just doesn’t seem that you’re interested. Is that true?”

What do you do when your relationship with Jesus feels like hard work?

Traits of the commitment-phobic Christian include times when I shy away from prayer, when I spend more time on Instagram than in my Bible, making excuses for not going to RML, and holding God’ Continue reading…

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Chivalry's not dead?!

Posted by Mickey on October 26, 2016


Well it shouldn’t be. At least not for Christian men.

We’re not talking about a medieval code of conduct for high-born knights! Or even its modern expression which was a given for our grandfathers’ generation: holding open the door, offering up a seat, or giving up a jacket in the cold.*

No, we’re talking about what lies at the core of the idea of chivalry: men taking their God-given role of responsibility and using it in sel Continue reading…

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Discipleship Training in the Gospels

Posted by Ruthanne on October 20, 2016

PM Discipleship in Gospels

In this month's Preaching Matters William says:

‘The gospels are as much to train as to evangelise’

‘The gospel writers train us not only in what the gospel is, but also in how we should respond to the gospel’

‘Jesus shows us what it looks like to experience the Father, today, as we come to Jesus, as we hear his word, as we respond in prayer, as we obey.’

‘Careful reading of the gospels, and the way the author has structured his materi Continue reading…

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Real Life Jesus

Posted by Sunday Evening Team on October 19, 2016

The Temp

Lizzie Dorey is a 6pm associate. Here she talks about how we can use what we’re learning from John on Sunday nights, to talk about Jesus at work.

‘So how was the weekend?’

It’s classic office small talk. A guaranteed water cooler question every Monday. It also has to be our easiest ‘in’ to talk about Jesus with people who aren’t Christians all week. But in the 3 minutes (and counting!) of attention your colleague can afford you, how do Continue reading…

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PREACHING MATTERS: Discipleship Training in the Gospels

Posted by Peter on October 18, 2016

What is a Gospel, and what are the Gospel authors trying to do? Can you give us some examples of how the Gospels train us? How does the authors' structure in the Gospels help us understand what true discipleship involves? What difference will this make to the structures and strategies in our churches?

In this month's Preaching Matters, William describes the radical differences that follow in the way we do evangelism, preach, and discip Continue reading…

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