Have I told you I'm getting married?

Posted by Amy on November 24, 2016

wedding- blog

I can’t wait for my wedding day. I know exactly what its going to be like. The caterers have sourced the best wine and the menu looks incredible. I don’t have the dress yet but I’ve been promised that it’ll be given to me, and that it’ll be spotless and perfect. And the groom is the only perfect man who ever lived.

On Sunday we heard from John 4:1-30 about a time that Jesus meets a woman at a well. She’s an unlikely candidate for bei Continue reading…

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Books on the Bible

Posted by Sunday Evening Team on November 22, 2016


This week Sarah Burkill, one of the 6pm associates, reviews a couple of great books about the word of God.

Can I really trust the Bible? And other questions about Scripture, truth and how God speaks (Barry Cooper)

This short book is a go-to for answers to questions about the nature and reliability of the Bible. Barry Cooper uses three angles to answer the title’s question: he looks at what the Bible claims about itself, what the natu Continue reading…

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More from Question Time

Posted by Mickey on November 17, 2016

Questioned Proposal

Following on from Sunday evening's question time, Mickey continues to answer one of your questions about John...

Why (as in, why does this matter to us as listeners?) does John reintroduce John the Baptist in chapter 3 of the gospel?

John tells us why he has written his gospel in John 20:31: ‘that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and by believing you may have life in his name?’

So the question we need to ask Continue reading…

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Drew's Testimony: Why it's worth reading the Bible with a friend...

Posted by Drew on November 17, 2016

Does it sometimes feel like no-one ever becomes a Christian?

Like there's not really any point in asking that friend to read Mark's gospel with you?

Well, we would love to encourage everyone at RML to read a gospel with a friend who's not yet a Christian. Why? Because God's word is powerful and it does save people.

I (Drew) know that from first hand experience. My life was completely changed, as my mate Rob (now in South Africa) read th Continue reading…

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6pm Baptisms

Posted by Sunday Evening Team on November 10, 2016

Baptism 1 (11/16)

Last Sunday at the 6pm, we had church family baptisms. Here are some photos!

Baptism 2.0 (11/16)

Baptism 3 (11/16)

Baptism 4 (11/16)

Baptism 5 (11/16)

Baptism 6 (11/16)

Baptism 7

Baptism 8 (11/16)

Baptism 9 (11/16)

Baptism 11 (11/16)

Baptism 12 (11/16)

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