I Learnt to Love to Read

Posted by Amy on February 22, 2018


I love to read.

Or perhaps, more accurately, I have learnt to love to read.

It may not always be the most natural thing to pick up a book. But when I do I’m glad; I open the pages and enter a most wonderful world – of thought.

Why do I read?

I read books to think beyond myself; to move beyond the parameters of my own thoughts and ideas. To read is to converse with the great minds of the past and present. I read because on my own I have Continue reading…

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The First Commandment is the Best Commandment

Posted by Sam on February 14, 2018

yellow dye

The Christian life is a dynamic thing.

It is not a set of religious movements or moments that punctuate our week, nor is it a background ideology on which we build our lives but rarely re-examine it. Rather, it permeates and infiltrates the landscape of both of those words - Christian and life.

Firstly it is Christian, thoroughly Christian. It concerns Christ. It is marked and shaped by knowing Jesus relationally, acknowledging that H Continue reading…

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PREACHING MATTERS: William Taylor, Revolutionary Worship

Posted on February 5, 2018

What does it look like to Worship God?
How does the New Testament use the word 'worship', and does it match what we do in our churches?

Willaim Taylor discusses the heart of his recent preaching series on Worship, titled Revolutionary Worship. What does it mean to worship God? How does the New Testament speak about our worship? Watch it now.

The full series of talks can be found here

St Helen's Media is pleased to bring you Preaching Mat Continue reading…

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Big Question February

Posted by Sunday Evening Team on February 1, 2018

coffee phone

Have you ever heard someone say that they’re afraid to do evangelism because someone might ask a question they don’t know the answer to? We don’t want to do a bad job of explaining the gospel and we don’t want to look like we don’t know what we believe in. Fair enough. But the answer is not ‘less evangelism’ (like its something we’ve given up for February). The answer is ‘learn to answer those questions.’

The thing is, there aren’t unl Continue reading…

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