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Battles Christians face: Eating disorders

Posted by Tim on June 25, 2015

We asked Cara Smith, a former member of St Helen’s who is currently working at a church in Kent, to help us think Christianly about a battle that she's faced and that some of us will be facing

What was your favourite game as a child? Hide and Seek was always the one me and my siblings loved. Not sure what it was that made the game so popular with us. Maybe the thrill of the chase when you were The Counter; or maybe it was the sense of Continue reading…

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Why we're glad when people leave St Helen's

Posted by Tim on June 25, 2015

Anna Martin has been at St Helen's for over a decade - long enough to see plenty of people leave!

When I mentioned to a friend that I was writing a blog about why we can love seeing our friends leave St Helen's, she said, "How many times have you used the phrase 'reach, build, send'?" The answer, as you'll see, is quite a lot...

Have you heard that phrase at St Helen's yet? It's a summary of what we're committed to as a church: reachin Continue reading…

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The gutsiest character in the Bible?

Posted by Jamie on June 18, 2015

One of the tricky things about going through a book like 1 Samuel at the pace we are is that you don't always have time to linger on some great moments and characters. One such character is Jonathan who is an absolute legend and in last week's passage he said something that makes my spine tingle. With only his armour bearer for company and confronted with a whole Philistine Garrison he said this: "Come, let us go over to the garrison o Continue reading…

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Eating out on a Sunday

Posted by Tim on June 18, 2015

Guest blogger Caroline Hardwick is a member of RML Overview

It's 7.30pm on a Sunday evening. The service has just finished. And you’re already thinking about the week ahead and what you need to get ready for work tomorrow. 'Are you staying for food?' your friend asks... 

Here are four reasons to say yes

1) Speaking 

Speaking the truth in love is something Jesus calls us to do as his church. Ephesians 4:7-16 tells us that as we speak Go Continue reading…

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The Bible: Made-up Stories or Reliable History?

Posted by Peter on June 17, 2015

St Nicks 1

4PM RML groups are hosting an end-of-year guest event on Wed 24 Jun at St Nick's Cole Abbey (The Wren), Queen Victoria St, EC4V 4BJ.

Drinks and canapes will be served from 6:15pm. A talk and Q&A will follow at 6:45pm. Cost £5. Download our PDF flyer here.

To book tickets or for further information, please email

St Nicks 2

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