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Posted on October 23, 2014

This simply cannot be! is taken from 'God's Word Triumphant', part of the Sunday Evening series Going Global. Here William Taylor challenges the position of the scientific materialist within the context of a wider exploration of Acts 14:8-20, which contrasts pagan superstition with the biblical belief in a Creator God. Download the talk for free here>>>

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Lolu's First Prayer Supper

Posted on October 23, 2014

Here's what you can expect if you come along to a Prayer Supper. Join us at 6:30 next Monday 27th October in St Helen's. If you'd like supper then email Charlotte

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How a weekend away changed my life

Posted on October 21, 2014

How a weekend away changed my life

We caught up with Zoe Wilson who started coming along to St Helens just over a year ago. When she’s not working at The Wren, Zoe teaches dance. Last November Zoe went on the first RML Mark weekend, so we asked her all about it.

When you heard that RML had a weekend away what went through your mind?
I think I was quite excited because I’d been on church weekends before. I knew they were a great time of fellowship, reading the Bible and Continue reading…

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Posted by Matt on October 20, 2014

Jamie Child continues our series on the doctrine of the word of God.

This video is based on the RML (small group) 'Word of God weekend', the first weekend away for our small groups. Full audio of the training each session from the weekend can be found at our media library. St Helen's Training aims to train and equip bible handlers by sharing our best training resources. We pray that many people might grow in confidence in their bible h Continue reading…

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Take Home Sheets for Sunday School

Posted by Peter on October 19, 2014

Jesus - the God-like medic...

At Sunday school this week the children heard that Jesus healed a dying boy, not using some amazing medicine, not by performing complex surgery, Jesus didn't even set his eyes on the dying boy, the boy was miles and miles away. All Jesus did to save the boy from death was say 5 words. Speak, that is all he did. 

To find out more about todays passage and to hear how it applies then click on the relevant Take Continue reading…

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