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Chronicles is a book that most of us rarely read. It's a book of stories about kings like Solomon and Josiah, the twelve tribes of Israel, and the Temple in Jerusalem - it often feels distant from 21st century London.

At St Helen's, we're spending 10 weeks this summer preaching through both 1 and 2 Chronicles at the Sunday Afternoon and Evening services. We've created this page to help you make the most out of the series.

About the preaching series
We sat down with William to ask him why he's chosen to preach through Chronicles and how we can prepare:

William talks in more depth about how he's prepared for this series:

The commentaries William mentioned in the video are all available from Amazon. (Any revenue generated will go towards the Re:Generation appeal.)

For details of what's being preached when, download the Spring/Summer termcard (PDF). 

Reading plan
The series is only taking 10 weeks to cover two quite long books of the Bible, so we've produced a reading plan to help you read along through Chronicles alongside the sermon series. This will be a great way to prepare to hear God speak on Sundays. Download the first part of the Chronicles reading plan (PDF).

We'll add more content as the series continues. Email comments or suggestions to s.bostock@st-helens.org.uk.

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