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Whilst God has given us the content of his mission (proclaiming Christ) and its goal (bringing people into Christ's Kingdom), we have no Biblical mandate for saying that mission must happen in this location or that place. The aim of the Gospel is that people from all nations, tribes, peoples and languages enter God's Kingdom. There are no cultural, social, geographic, economic or linguistic barriers which place people beyond this activity. Therefore, the focus of mission is everywhere.

That said, we recognise that, as a local church, we can only play a tiny part in the task of telling the nations the gospel. As a result, we have a particular focus on four areas overseas which fit with our own location and our cross-cultural ministry here:
China, French-Speaking Europe, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa

We aim to send and support people from our congregations to these areas, as well as partnering with national Christians and churches in these places. (We also recognise that the Lord raises up people who don't always fit our thinking and so we also have mission partners outside these focus areas.) At the moment, and among other ministries, our mission partners are involved in planting new churches, leading established churches, equipping people for mission and Bible teaching, theological education, student ministry and Bible translation.

If you would like further information about our approach to cross-cultural mission or the practicalities of being sent out by St Helen’s, please contact:

Mission Agencies and National Partners

Some of our mission partners are sent and supported directly from St Helen's, others have mission agencies which help us in this support. A list of these mission agencies, plus our national partners is below:

The Navigators  
Overseas Missionary Fellowship
Serving in Mission
Wycliffe Bible Translators

Belgian Bible Institute, Brussels 
George Whitefield Theological College, Cape Town
La Garenne-Colombes Evangelical Protestant Church, Paris 
Oxford Centre for Muslim Christian Studies
The Message Church, Cape Town
Rue de Sevres Baptist Church, Paris
Vaux sur Seine Theological College, Paris


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