Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Public meetings

We are thankful that government guidance continues to allow us to meet in St Helen’s for services. We want to give everyone the chance to hear God’s word clearly each week and as such our services will be an in-person and livestream hybrid for the foreseeable future. We hope this will help the whole church family and visitors continue to feel included—whether or not we are able to attend in person. We will all need to work together to maintain our unity in Christ and bear with one another in love at this time (Ephesians 4:1–6, Galatians 6:2) as we meet in the building and online.

We have prepared the church building to be a ‘COVID secure environment’ in line with government regulations. As a result, there are several aspects of services which will be different from how things used to be. Please bear with these changes. We will work together in following the government regulations (Romans 13:1–7, 1 Peter 2:13–17) as we seek to keep one another safe. In this, we recognise one another’s consciences may allow for different approaches so let’s be kind to one another in thought, word and deed.

If you would like to join us on a Sunday or midweek please read the steps outlined below, including how to register to attend the service.

Before the service

  • Please pre-register to attend by filling in the form. This is a government recommendation but also helps ensure everyone attending is to the best of their knowledge fit and able to attend. There is also the voluntary opportunity to opt-in to the NHS track & trace service.
  • Please bring your own Bible, notebook and pen. However some bibles are available should you forget.
  • Please plan your travel following TfL guidelines and noting the recent changes to the congestion charge.
  • The church bike storage area will be open for anyone who cycles to store their bikes in. This will be locked for the duration of the service.


  • Please arrive in good time for the service and queue in the churchyard, observing social distancing. A queuing system will be in place. Please also follow the ‘rule of 6’ when entering and leaving the building. 
  • Entry will be through the normal doors and on entry please use hand sanitiser (please bring your own if at all possible).
  • Please use a face covering before you enter the building. 
  • Please take your seats promptly as directed by the stewards and once seated please do not move around the building. Please leave one seat between households.

During the service

  • Toilets are available in St Helen’s but also St Andrew’s will be open before and after the service for additional toilet facilities.
  • Sadly there will be no singing allowed so during songs please quietly reflect on the words being sung on screen. 
  • A reduced form of services sheets will be provided on the seats as you arrive. 

After the service

  • Please exit the building promptly at the end of the service using the doors indicated by the service leader and stewards. 
  • Please exit one row at a time and when you leave please move clear of the building.
  • Once you leave the building please continue to follow government social distancing advice including the ‘rule of 6’.

Help during this period.

Please look out for others in your small group (spiritually and physically) during this period of isolation. However, if you need extra help (eg groceries, a phone chat, help with technology, financial or other help) and your small group is unable to provide this, or you are not currently a member of a small group, please fill out this form.

If you are able to help beyond your small group please also fill out this form to let us know how you might be able to help. We'll do our best to then connect people across the church family.

Continuing gospel proclamation

Live streaming services
We are running a live stream for all our Sunday meetings. This will be available through our website.

Small group Bible studies
Small group Bible studies will be meeting in person and some online. Please speak to your small group leader in the first instance. If you would like to join a small group please contact us.

Our resource library
We have over 10,000 Bible teaching resources available free of charge. Search our resource library to find individual talks (audio and video), talk series, training videos, Bible study notes, articles and more.

Risk assessments
Our COVID-19 risk assessment and 'Advice on the conduct of public worship' documents can be downloaded or read online.