How to access St Helen's resources on your device

Access our resources on your phone, tablet, TV or smart speaker

Apple apps

You can access St Helen's talks, prayer diary and much more through our apps for iPhone and iPad. We also have an app for Apple TV, where we publish the latest videos of our talks and training materials.

Apple apps - Apple App Store

Android app

You can also access St Helen's talks, prayer diary and much more through our app for Android.

Android app - Google Play

Smart speakers

Our talks can be accessed on your Alexa or Google smart speaker.

For Alexa: first enable the skill with Alexa by saying, "Alexa, enable St Helen's Bishopsgate". Then to open in the future say, "Alexa, open St Helen's Bishopsgate".

For Google: enabling and opening is the same command, "Ok Google, talk to St Helen's Bishopsgate church".

St Helen's talks

Podcast apps

You can access all of our Sunday talks and all of our midweek talks through iTunes or the Apple Podcasts app. You can also access audio talks through the Apple TV Podcasts app.

Google Podcasts is not yet available in the UK, though if you have the Google Podcast app, you may be able to access St Helen's talks. You can try another podcast provider or download our app.


All of our Sunday talks and our midweek talks are published through Spotify.

RSS feeds

You can access St Helen's talks through RSS feeds. Both our Sunday talks RSS feed and midweek talks RSS feed are available.

St Helen's videos


All of our talk and training videos are available through the St Helen's Vimeo channel.

Vimeo - Vimeo channel


Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel to access St Helen's talk and training videos.

YouTube - YouTube channel

Clayton TV

Selected videos are published through Clayton TV, who publish free Bible teaching, music and courses for Christians around the world.

Clayton TV - Clayton TV

Support the ministry at St Helen's

We are all about knowing Jesus and making him known. St Helen's resources will always be free of charge and they have been accessed in over 100 countries. Consider supporting us financially to help us produce and share even more resources with more people.

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