the tyranny of free love"The following is excerpt from William Taylor's recent talk on Matthew 12:9-14:

"This is what religion always does with Jesus.

Rather than embrace Jesus’ free offer of a living relation with God as a result of sins forgiven through his work on the cross, of love, of mercy, of kindness, what religion does is to hedge the law, to render God irrelevant, to try to keep itself distant from God, and it results in hostility and hypocrisy and hatred.

Consider this given the most recent news coming out of Hollywood.

It’s always so much easier to see this kind of ugly religion in any other culture than our own. So the absurdity of Judaism, we laugh at it don’t we? It’s easy to spot. So too, the ugliness of so much of what we understand by Sharia, it’s easy to see as really ugly. Why would you ever in a million years in the name of God lop off somebody’s hand?

No surprise to any of us then, that Hollywood which has done so much over the last forty years to promote untrammelled lust should have at it’s very core a Harvey Weinstein. The ‘me too’ campaign would suggest that Weinstein is not alone. The whole of Hollywood, and let’s be honest, much of the City is pockmarked with this sort of sexual power play and abuse. We all know that simply to bleat “I need therapy” is not an adequate response. What to do?

Well I can guarantee one thing Hollywood won’t do, and that is they won’t make a film about it. But what I can guarantee is a whole raft of legislation and regulation.
Without God, religion.
Without God, legislation.

Those of us with university aged children will know that is already the case. week one at university, compulsory lesson number one, "what is and what is not consensual sex."So the post 60s generation who have overthrown God in the name of 'free love' are now reduced to this - regulated love. “We can manage without God” we cry, “we can legislate for life without God” and from now on, any Hollywood film to be true to life with any sex scene in it, is going to need to show its characters signing a consent form before they jump into bed after dinner. It’s coming close to sharia law, isn’t it? Regulation. Hypocrisy.

How about this as an alternative. That the Creator God made sex, it’s a good gift of His. That safe sex, and pure sex and the best sex is between one man and one woman in a lifelong relationship of steadfast love that is not broken. That this is called marriage, that it’s good for society, that it’s part of God’s good and perfect law. That it avoids the wretched damage that children suffer in broken homes. and that Jesus says, come to me all who labour and are heavy laden. and I will give you rest, you will find rest for your souls. Return to the old path, to the paths of your creator, allow me to wash you clean. allow me to give you a fresh start, allow me to breathe life into your shrivelled heart and worn conscience, and allow me to show you the way that produces rest for your soul.

Now can you picture that in the television studios as we discuss this? And can you picture the treatment of the religious thought police as that sort of liberating truth from God is put forward. "How dare you break our law”, “Marriage between one man and one woman? How dare you suggest that, 'free love', that’s our mantra. Get out of my studio."

But you see if you overthrow Christ, you’re not left with nothing, you’re left with something, and what you’re left with is religion, and law and regulation and legislation. And religion and law and regulation and legislation that is not from the good God of love, of meekness, lowliness, kindness, gentleness, such religion is always ugly and hypocritical."

Listen to the full talk here