So many people I know who have grown up in "Christian" homes or who have looked into "Christianity" have decided that it wasn't for them.  Sometimes I wonder whether they walked away from real Christianity, or a parody of it.

In our lunchtime meetings at St Helen's this week, David Cook looked to the parable of the great banquet (Luke 14:15-24) to see what Jesus himself had to say about real Christianity.  You can download a recording of the talk on our website. 

Real Christianity is a great banquet.  Do you remember the last time you attended a great wedding feast?  Jesus says that being a Christian is a lot like that, but better.  The next time someone asks you, "What's it like being a Christian?" you could say, "It's like sitting down at a great banquet where all of your God-given appetites are satisfied."

Real Christianity is a gracious invitation.  God went to the trouble of laying out a great banquet, and he opens the doors to anyone who will come.  Even the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame are welcome, and the invitation extends even to the distant highways and hedges.  If someone ever asks you, "How do I become a Christian?" you could say, "It's as simple as accepting an invitation to a party."

Real Christianity is a really big deal.  The invitation is free, but it was not cheap.  God gave up the life of his son Jesus to extend this invitation to us.  It cost him dearly, so it's a really big deal if we blow it off.  If you're ever asked, "Is it a big deal if I don't become a Christian?" you could say, "Yes it is.  The God who provides such a banquet at such a cost will not have it treated so cheaply and disrespectfully."

Keep inviting your colleagues to come to the "Big Questions" series as we look at what Jesus has to say about real Christianity.  Why not download a flyer and send it out?  There is no greater invitation than the one Jesus extends to everyone to sit down at his great banquet.

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