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Generally we teach through a bible book over 12 months’ however, these books are easily divided into smaller chunks for use in your context. These studies are free for you to download and use.

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Published Read Mark Learn notes are also available.

Titus by Leonie Mason and Charlie Skrine (2017-18)

1 Peter by Paul Clarke (2013-14)
1 Samuel by Paul Clarke and Jamie Child (2012-13)
Philippians by Elspeth Pitt (2011)
2 Corinthians by Paul Clarke (2010-11)
Exodus by Paul Clarke and Jamie Child (2010-11)
John's Gospel by Paul Clarke (2009-10)
1 Corinthians by Lee Gatiss (2008-09)
Colossians by Lee Gatiss (2008)
Ruth by Lee Gatiss (2008)
Judges by Lee Gatiss (2007-08)
Revelation by Lee Gatiss (2006-07)
2 Peter by Elspeth Pitt (2006)
Isaiah by Lee Gatiss (2005-06)
Malachi by Lee Gatiss (2005)
Ephesians by Lee Gatiss (2004-05)
Genesis by Andrew Jones (2003-04)
Mark's Gospel by Andrew Jones (2002-03)
Deuteronomy by Martin Soole (2001)
1 Corinthians by Martin Soole (2000-01)
Acts by Martin Soole (1999-2000)
Hebrews by Martin Soole (1998-99)

Other notes:

A Guide to Studying Luke's Gospel - Michael You
Reading Mark's Gospel with a Friend


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