Summer Sun: A little taste of heaven

Posted by Ruthanne on August 11, 2015
Categories: 6pm blog

I love sunshine. It brightens up the world, and once I put my sunglasses on, with that funny tint they bring, everything looks just rosy.

So imagine my joy when last week I arrived on the beach, to glorious sunshine! I was excited; a whole day in the sun lay ahead. It was amazing; the sun’s light bouncing off the water, everyone happy.  A dear friend, bemused by my excitement, reminded me that I should rejoice in the gospel and not circumstances. And of course he’s right; in the gospel we can have joy whatever our circumstances. Amy’s recent blog is a great place to go to remember this. But some days, life is good. What should we do with those great days? Are we to become pessimists, ignoring good gifts, in case we rejoice in the wrong thing?!

Erm, not quite.

In the Bible, God has different methods of getting us excited about heaven. We all know He says we can look at bad stuff now, and be excited it won’t be in heaven (Revelation 21:4) – in crazy London we’re good at this sort of meditation. But God also says that lots of the good things we experience here will be even better in heaven.

We can appreciate good gifts here, as a foretaste of the greatness that awaits us in heaven.

Do we ever meditate on heaven this way? Do we need to put our ‘spiritual sunglasses’ on to see just how amazing heaven will be?

Revelation 22:5 says They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign for ever and ever.’ In heaven there’s no sun, no sun holidays, no sunny park evenings- but not because the sun is bad.  Remember Genesis 1; God made the sun, and He thought it was good. Yes, this creation has been broken; but by Revelation 22 we see light will still be a good thing in heaven!

So put on those ‘spiritual sunnies’...The heavenly light is God Himself, the source of all good: basking in His rays will be even better than having our mood lifted by an afternoon’s sunbathing. The heavenly light is really good: even better than that childhood holiday where everyday delivered glorious rays.  The heavenly light is eternal: even better than an afternoon in the park, we’re promised a never-ending light filled life!

Happy holidays, and don’t forget those sunglasses!

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