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Posted by Amy on May 11, 2016
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Lots of us are bringing friends and colleagues to the Real Lives events this week. One idea for keeping the conversation going afterwards is to offer to read and talk about a gospel with them. Sounds terrifying, or just plain awkward? Fear not. Here are 5 ideas to make it easier to read a gospel with a friend.

1. Ask them! What’s the worst that can happen? They say no? Think about how you want to phrase your invitation. Asking someone to do a year long Bible study in Mark’s gospel sounds overwhelming and unusual to someone who has never been to a Bible study. It’s much easier to say ‘Have you ever looked at what’s in the Bible? We could take a look together if you like?’

2. Get ready. Read over the passage you’re going to look at together. Think about what you’d like to focus on. You could use the Reading Mark notes to remind you of the key points and think about how to deal with any tricky parts of the passage. Pray at every stage.

3. Make it relaxed. Think about where you’re going to meet. A crowded café where you’re wedged in with lots of other people may not be the best place to be to have an easy and open conversation. It can be helpful to explain how you’re going to spend your time; knowing that all you’re going to do is read a bit of the Bible and talk about it will help someone who is anxious about answering questions. 

4. Have a conversation. Start by asking what they make of what they’ve just read. What did they find surprising? You can talk about what you found interesting. Ask your friend why they said something; listening well to what they have to say will help you understand them better. The aim is not to reproduce an in depth RML study. The aim is to look at the Bible together and talk about what its saying about Jesus.

5.Ask them again. The simplest thing to do at the end of your time together is ask your friend if they’d like to do it again. If they say yes, arrange a time to meet. If they say no, don’t panic; keep praying for them and looking for different opportunities to share the gospel with them.

Reading Mark notes are available to download from the St Helen’s website, along with some training videos about doing One-to-One Bible studies

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