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Posted by Amy on November 22, 2017
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On Sunday at the 6pm we heard from Tyson and Marcus about their experience of inviting and being invited to a carol service at St Helens. We wanted to hear more so we asked you to share your ideas for making the most of Christmas for sharing the good news of Jesus with others. Thanks for sending in so many good ideas - and sorry if yours didn't make it in this time! Here's what you came up with...

Talk about what Christmas is really about – Jesus. When telling them all about my festive traditions, I highlight more of why I am celebrating Christmas and that church is a huge part of that. I then invite them to Church for the Carol services.

I've just sent out an invite to my colleagues to the Insurance Carol Service. Then I send a calendar invite to anyone who does reply, so that they don't double book themselves.

I invite friends and colleagues over to have Christmas afternoon tea before attending a St Helens carol service. This will be the third year running and I'm trying to establish a tradition. One friend asked me about it before I had even invited him this year.

Since our next door neighbours moved in a few months ago we've been looking for an easy way to share our faith with them. Carols has proved the perfect way to start that off! They're coming round for lunch with some other neighbours one Sunday before the carol service so everyone can head over together.

Encourage, support and pray for each other as we seek to make the most of carol services. It can feel daunting to invite people on our own. It helps to remember that we are not alone but part of Christ's body. Let your RML group or close friends at St Helens know who you are inviting and pray for each other.

As a school teacher I find Christmas an amazing opportunity to talk about the Lord Jesus to my pupils. I like to use a fantastic retelling of the Christmas story called The Christmas Promise to show the children how God kept his promise to send a new, everlasting King.

Where I have been up front about Bible teaching being a key part of it, I think the invites have actually worked better. In my experience, people are a bit fed up of the endless commercialism of Christmas and delving into what it's really about is an attractive proposition.

I'm writing a little personalised note on the back of the carol service card. I teach children, so am writing invitations to their families, saying that it would be a lovely chance to get together socially before Christmas. It's a low pressure invite, but I hope they still feel the personal touch.

Carol services involve lots of little things that people like about Christmas so I try to just use them as a bridge to an invite as and when they pop up in conversation: ‘Oh you love mulled wine? Great! Me too! At my church there’s free mulled wine after carol services! Wanna come?’

In order to invite people to our carol service(s), we have carol singing in Spitalfields on Sunday, 10 December at 4:45-5:30pm. If anyone would like to join in singing or flyering it would be great to have you there! (Email Dan for more information)

To reach out to my non-Christian relatives who live too far away to be invited to a St Helen's Carol Service, I'm planning to make the most of Christmas by sending a Christian Christmas card by LICC (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity) featuring a poem reflecting on the concept of Immanuel.

I intend on placing a couple of tubs of Celebrations in our work kitchen with a stack of Carol Service flyers next to them. I've left a few Christmas Carol fliers on my desk as well, although people are starting to think I'm just super excited about Christmas.

It won’t be relevant to everyone, but I try to find a carol service I can play the organ for, and then my colleagues come along! Last year, ten of my colleagues came to the Euston lunchtime carol service that I was playing at. One took away a John's gospel and said he was up for reading it.

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