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Dick Lucas Mark Revisited

New to St Helen's! Colossians lecture series

To complement Dick's more recent talks for Bible teachers, we are reissuing this older series on Colossians. Recorded under the auspices of, and re-released here with the kind permission of The Proclamation Trust, this is the first of Dick's From My Study to Yours volumes. Recorded in 2000/2001 in Dick's study, it begins with the following introduction by Dick Lucas:

"This set of expositions on Colossians will, I very much hope, be the first of a series of such studies. The main purpose of the expositions is to assist my fellow-workers in preaching and Bible-teaching generally. I am not speaking formally in sermon style to congregations but informally and personally to those who have the very demanding privilege of serving God's people by serving God's word. My hope is that this material, the result of many years of study, will give ideas and stimulation for others as they plan a sermon series on a book like Colossians."

The series comprises 16 talks, originally published on tape in two volumes, covering the whole of Paul's letter.

Further brand new recordings will be released in the near future.

Click here to view/hear the Colossians series

New! Overview of John now available!

Newly prepared and recorded by Dick Lucas in 2017, this short overview series is described by its author as an "attempt to secure a firm and reliable framework in which to set and appreciate the riches of John's gospel." Dick sets out the background to the series as follows:

"This last winter, largely for my own nourishment, I lived for several months with John's great gospel. There I found, as promised, words 'full of the Spirit and Life'. (6:63) One consequence was a wish to provide a basic study of John that might be of some value for other people, just as working through this extraordinary piece of writing has so mightily encouraged me. My fellow pastors and preachers are one group I had in mind...."

Click here for the Overview of John's gospel

Mark Revisited Volume 2 now available!

New talks on Mark's gospel by Dick Lucas, recorded between 2014 and 2016, are now available for the first time. Given in the first instance with the Bible teacher in mind, but useful for everyone, they are a fresh and compelling appraisal of Mark, built on the foundation of decades of study.

Volume 1 was released in December 2016 and is now joined by Volume 2, which covers the remainder of the gospel from Mark 8:31 to 16:8. This is a significant development because it is the first time ever that Dick has covered the whole of the second half of the gospel in consecutive Bible exposition.

Click here for Mark Revisited: Volume 1

Click here for Mark Revisited: Volume 2

At the age of 91, Dick Lucas is still going strong. Rector of St Helen's from 1961 to 1998, and Rector Emeritus since then, he has used his retirement to help preachers and other Bible teachers to understand and communicate the Word of God to people today, not least through the conferences run by The Proclamation Trust.

The most recent fruits of his retirement are recordings of his latest reflections on Scripture, aimed primarily at the Bible expositor but suitable for everyone. Recorded in his kitchen, where most of his sermon preparation takes place, they are starting to be published just prior to Christmas 2016.

The first talks to be released are 'my more or less final thoughts on Mark's gospel', recorded from 2014–2016 under the title Mark Revisited. Dick has preached on Mark's gospel numerous times, and the Read Mark Learn (RML) course he began at St Helen's decades ago, still flourishes today under William Taylor. William has described Read Mark Learn as the 'engine room' of St Helen's.

Countless people over a long period of time have found the approach to Bible study and exposition advocated by Dick eye-opening; it has revolutionised their understanding and application of Scripture, and increased their confidence in the divine revelation.

The first volume of the new series, Mark Revisited, is now available on the St Helen's website via the link provided above and below. The first volume covers chapters 1–8 of Mark's gospel. The second volume will cover chapters 9–16 and has already been recorded. It is the first series of talks Dick has given to cover the whole of the second part of Mark, so this is important material. It will be released, God willing, early in the New Year.

Other recent recordings by Dick will be added over time. We will also, over time, bring to your attention some of his best talk series from the past.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact David Monteath: [email protected]

Click here for Mark Revisited: Volume 1

Click here for Mark Revisited: Volume 2


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