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ministry training header 2018St Helen's Ministry Training is Changing...

After many fruitful years of ministry training, it is with some sadness that we will not be taking a new intake for the Associate Scheme from August 2018.

However, we remain firmly committed to robust and rigorous Ministry Training, and we’re welcoming applications for our new Ministry Training initiative this year. St Helen’s Ministry Trainees have always benefited from a combination of Bible Training, Ministry Training, and practical service. From this August, that will take the following shape:

Bible Training

We are persuaded that there is no more important foundation for Christian ministry than a deep grounding in the word of God, and rigorous training in the work of understanding it. This has long been the central focus of ministry training at St Helen’s, and that is not going to change.

From 2018, we will aim to deliver our Bible Training in two primary ways:

  1. First, we’re thrilled to be able to benefit from the new flexibility at PT Cornhill. New Ministry Trainees will spend about half their training time (about a day a week) attending and preparing for Cornhill F1 (If you have already spent some time training in a regional ministry training course, there may be some room to move straight into F2). The teaching on F1 is delivered by a combination of Cornhill’s own teaching staff and experienced ministry practitioners. It’s designed to give a good, general foundation, covering Bible books, biblical theology, some doctrine, and aspects of ministry practice and Christian character. Central to F1’s curriculum are the weekly teaching groups, where participants regularly deliver short talks and receive feedback.
  2. In addition to Cornhill F1, Ministry Trainees will spend another day per week attending and preparing for our own in-house training session. Where F1 provides a good, general foundation, our in-house training will aim to add significant depth. The training will take place in seminar groups – similar to those on the old Associate Scheme, and not unlike the new seminar groups in Cornhill CORE. We’ll focus on working really hard on a few Bible books, with high expectations for Trainees’ own preparation and participation.

We trust that this combination of Cornhill F1 with our own, in-house training will provide a strong foundation in the hard work of understanding, and proclaiming, God’s word.

Ministry Training

We are persuaded that the Bible trains us for ministry – but it trains us for ministry as we labour at the task of proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason, the second main strand of ministry training at St Helen’s has always been a ministry placement in one of our teams. New Ministry Trainees will continue to spend about a third of their time here, leading small group Bible studies, reading the Bible one-to-one, giving talks, and developing a ministry area – all under the oversight of one of our full-time staff.

Practical Service

This is a vital, if not very glamorous, part of the Ministry Training programme which enables much of the gospel ministry in St Helen's to happen. On average, in their first year, Ministry Trainees will spend about 8 hours every week preparing the buildings for meetings (which involves moving furniture and cleaning), operating the PA system, etc. As well as serving, it is also a valuable opportunity to learn what's needed behind the scenes in gospel ministry.

For more information, click here to download our brochure

Applications for the 2018-19 intake of the Ministry Training scheme are now closed. For any further information please email:


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