We are all about
knowing Jesus
and making him known

One thing matters

In the Bible, Jesus tells us that one thing matters more than anything else: listening to his teaching. Every time we meet together at St Helen’s we open the Bible and listen to what God has to say to us. As we encounter Jesus Christ our living saviour we encourage one another to respond to him in obedience and faith.

St Helen's live

This page contains information of how to get involved with St Helen's events during this time. With public meetings cancelled, join us on Tuesday at 1.10pm and Sunday at 10.30am, 4 and 6pm for our live stream. For Mandarin speakers, please join us on Sunday 2.30pm.

St Helen's live - St Helen's live

New Bible Matters app

Download the new Bible Matters from St Helen's Bishopsgate app for Android, Apple and Apple TV.

New Bible Matters app - Bible Matters

Partner with St Helen's

The Bible tells us everything we have, including our money, is a gift from God. Please consider partnering financially with us. There are many exciting gospel opportunities to support.

Partner with St Helen's - Partner financially

Upcoming events

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3 Jun 2020

Christianity Explored