We are all about
knowing Jesus
and making him known

One thing matters

In the Bible, Jesus tells us that one thing matters more than anything else: listening to his teaching. Every time we meet together at St Helen’s we open the Bible and listen to what God has to say to us. As we encounter Jesus Christ our living saviour we encourage one another to respond to him in obedience and faith.

What am I worth?

If society values us based on what we contribute, how valuable are we? If life is priceless, why do many people question their worth? Join us for a surprising story from a former soldier and a short Bible talk. Both will show we are more precious than we could ever have imagined and tell of an extraordinary offer. Book your place or see the flyer for more information.

What am I worth? - Download the flyer

The delusion of self-determination

Our culture promises you can choose your own adventure. What about those times when it is painfully obvious we are not in control? And what if it is better that we are not? Join us on 22 and 24 October for three special lunchtime talks.

The delusion of self-determination - Download the flyer

St Helen's talks on your smart speaker

You can now access our talks through your Google or Amazon smart speaker. Find out how to also access our resources on your phone, tablet or smart TV.

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