Teaching from Dick Lucas

Dick Lucas was Rector of St Helen's Church from 1961–1998. He was instrumental in the establishment and growth of St Helen’s Bible teaching ministry. Dick continues to speak at various conferences and church gatherings. He has also been at work recording new material. His 'From my study to yours' audio recordings are aimed at helping people study and teach the Bible.

Featured talk series

The promise of life–some thoughts on 2 Timothy

What is the primary role of the Christian pastor? The question might yield a variety of different responses today. For the definitive answer, however, we need look no further than 2 Timothy. As Paul sends final instructions to his ‘child’, his own execution imminent, priorities are set forth with unequivocal lucidity.

The promise of life–some thoughts on 2 Timothy - The promise of life

Missing the point–a survey of 1 Corinthians 13

Dick returns again and again to 1 Corinthians 13, and for two reasons. First, because the chapter is widely misunderstood; second, because its message is of timeless importance. It would have poured cold water on the enthusiasms of some Corinthian church members, and it challenges us to reassess our priorities now.

Missing the point–a survey of 1 Corinthians 13 - Missing the point

The gospel according to Mark

In this succinct review of Mark's gospel, Dick identifies two major themes. As he reflects on Jesus' earthly ministry, he goes on to outline how those themes are mirrored in the priorities Jesus assigns to different aspects of his work on earth. If these are Jesus' priorities, what should ours be?

The gospel according to Mark - The gospel according to Mark

The divine saviour

There are many valuable lessons to be learned from the 'lost and found' parables of Luke 15. But what is the most important application of the sublime parable of the prodigal son? As he considers the protagonists in the unfolding drama, Dick warns of a final tragedy to be averted.

The divine saviour - The divine saviour

A word for today?

In this pithy analysis, Dick argues that the story of Ahab's disastrous campaign to retake Ramoth Gilead is not primarily about the obvious named protagonists, but rather about the army of nameless prophets that preached false good news. They were the establishment; they were the majority; and they were fatally wrong.

A word for today? - A word for today?

The great supper

This parable is both sobering and unsettling. It strikes a tragic note. A personal invitation to attend a great banquet is sent out to many, but all decline. Their places are taken by 'unworthy' substitutes. Here, Dick reflects on the work of the evangelist in the light of this tale.

The great supper - The great supper

The letter of Jude

This letter is one to which Dick frequently returns. Though it must have been shocking in Jude's day, it should hardly shock us now. The dangers of which Jude warned his contemporaries then have become institutionalised in the western church today. His message to the early church is God’s timeless word to us.

The letter of Jude - The letter of Jude

Getting our bearings

What are the hallmarks of genuine Christian discipleship? Conversely, what are the signs of a counterfeit faith? In this short series, Dick seeks to uncover the 'melodic line' of 1 John. In his first letter, John hones the discernment and discipleship of the Christian with both encouragements and warnings. Dick argues that John's message is as relevant to the church in the 21st century as it was to the early church.

Getting our bearings - Getting our bearings

An Advent sermon

In the Church of England lectionary, Matthew 11:2-10 is the gospel reading set for the third Sunday in Advent. It contains questions posed by John and Jesus, together with possible answers. Jesus' teaching here has strong contemporary applications, not just to church leaders, but also to the laity.

An Advent sermon - An Advent sermon

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