Teaching from Dick Lucas

Dick Lucas was Rector of St Helen's Church from 1961–1998. He was instrumental in the establishment and growth of St Helen’s Bible teaching ministry. Dick continues to speak at various conferences and church gatherings. He has also been at work recording new material. His 'From my study to yours' audio recordings are aimed at helping people study and teach the Bible.

Featured talk series

Reflections on Laodicea

In this mini-series of four reflections, Dick explores the letter to the church in Laodicea recorded in Revelation 3:14–22. What has gone wrong in Laodicea? Why is the church there so repugnant to the risen Christ? What hope is there? And what lessons does the letter have for the church today?

Reflections on Laodicea - Reflections on Laodicea

The sign of Jonah

The story of Jonah’s reluctant mission to Ninevah intrigues and illuminates because it foreshadows, centuries in advance, key elements of the Christian gospel. That Jesus refers to it in Matthew and Luke underscores its importance. Why then is it so significant, especially to ‘this wicked generation’?

The sign of Jonah - The sign of Jonah

Churches still alive!

Psalms are for singing and for preaching; they are simultaneously cries to God and a revelation from God. Psalm 14’s bald uncovering of human depravity is sobering because sin still penetrates the church. The preacher is a doctor for bruised souls. What live-giving remedy does Psalm 14 add to the medicine chest?

Churches still alive! - Churches still alive!

Between two worlds: a survival guide

The Christian must live by faith in one world while belonging to another. Hebrews warns repeatedly of the dangers facing the believer. These are summarised starkly in 10:29, the prelude to 11:1–7. How can those seven ancient verses (and the much older heroes they cite) help the Christian survive today?

Between two worlds: a survival guide - Between two worlds

Mother of my Lord

Layers of tradition have both elevated Mary in an unscriptural way and partly obscured the New Testament picture of her. In this series from 1981, Dick seeks to restore the original painting by removing those layers and examining the biblical record in Luke's Gospel. In so doing, he discovers something more wonderful still, transcending even the loftiest of traditions.

Mother of my Lord - Mother of my Lord

God has spoken

The first two chapters of Hebrews introduce key themes of the letter: the final word of God and the finished work of Christ. The knowledge of God has been mediated through human writers and language; angels have also played their part. Finally, God has spoken and acted through his Son. What then is required of us now?

God has spoken - God has spoken

Why Colossians?

In this extended lecture given to the St Helen’s staff team, Dick approaches one simple question from several different angles. Why did Paul write to the Colossians? Why is his letter in the New Testament? And what is its message to us today?

Why Colossians? - Why Colossians?

The bones of John

Dick’s purpose in this talk series is to discover the structure of John’s Gospel and how it carries the message of the book. Aimed in the first instance at the Bible teacher, it lays out foundations on which a sermon series can be built, starting with the towering Christ of the prologue.

The bones of John - The bones of John

Will history repeat itself?

Jeremiah 2:1–19 laments the spiritual decline in Israel following the brief high point of Josiah's reforms. In this short series, Dick explores the contemporary application of the passage to us today. As knowledge of the real God gives way to empty religion and worldly ideology, how can the decline be reversed?

Will history repeat itself? - Will history repeat itself?

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