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All City workers working within a 10-minute walk of St Helen's are welcome to join us midweek. We have public lunchtime talks, small groups, prayer meetings and one to one explorations of the Bible, both to support Christians and those wanting to find out more about Jesus.

Lunchtime talks at St Helen's

Our lunchtime talks are designed to be accessible to all—whether you are looking into Christianity or are a committed Christian. Many Christian City workers find it a good way of standing publicly for the gospel and an easy way to invite colleagues to hear about Jesus.

  • Tuesday: 1.10–1.50pm in person and via livestream (handout available)
  • Thursday: 12.15–12.50pm in person

If you work more than a 10-minute walk from St Helen's you may find there is a lunchtime talk nearer to you. Visit Gospel at Work for more information.

Lunchtime talks at St Helen's - Join livestream

Upcoming lunchtime talks at St Helen's

28 May 2024

Luke 5:1-11

Paul Williams

30 May 2024

Esther 1-2
Is God playing hide and seek?

Abraham Sin

4 June 2024

Luke 5:12-16

Paul Williams

6 June 2024

Esther 3-4
Can we trust God's promises?

Abraham Sin

Why come to a lunchtime talk?

Explore Christianity

Guided read through
Read through an eye-witness account of Jesus’ life and teaching with one of our team.

Christianity Explored
Many City workers have enjoyed these free informal sessions that enable us to investigate who Jesus is and why he came.

Explore Christianity - Email Tiff

City partnership groups

These groups aim to deepen our partnership in the gospel, encouraging us to speak and live for Jesus in the workplace.

Monday lunchtimes at St Helen's
1.05–1.50pm. Bring your own lunch; tea and coffee provided.

Wednesday mornings at St Helen's
7.15–7.45am for breakfast and 7.45–8.30am for the study.

City partnership groups - Email Wes

Prayer groups

Pray with other City workers for God’s mission to the City.

Monday evenings at St Helen's
5.30–6pm for all City workers

Tuesday mornings at St Helen's
8–8.30am new graduates and younger workers. Breakfast options available.

Prayer groups - Email Ryan

Upcoming events

If you could ask God one question...

Come and hear what the Bible says about the world, society, happiness, life after death, and much more! If you could ask God anything, what would it be? The most asked questions will be discussed on 21, 22 and 23 May.

If you could ask God one question... - Ask your question

Meet the City team

Wes Illingsworth

Team Leader

Claire O'Donoghue

Women's Worker

Tiff Carter-Whittley

Women's Worker

Paul Williams

Men's Worker

Abraham Sin

Men's Worker

Ryan Shuy

Men's Worker

Giulio Abortivi


Mandarin City workers

The Mandarin City Ministry serves Mandarin-speaking Christians in their gospel ministry in the following ways:

  • We run a Mandarin Bible Study for City Workers which meets online Friday 1-2pm.
  • We hold various outreach events throughout the year.
  • We can connect you with local Christians if you are travelling to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore or other cities for business.
  • IGG Worker's Connect runs seminars throughout the year to train workers in workplace ministry.

Please email or call John if you are interested in more information.

Mandarin City workers - Email John Mandarin City workers - Sunday Mandarin meeting




  • 我们每周五中午1-2pm有线上华语查经小组
  • 我们每年会举办许多不同的布道活动
  • 我们可以为准备去亚洲的城市上班的你联系北京,上海,香港,新加坡以及其他亚洲城市的基督徒
  • 我们的IGG工作者团契会举办研讨会来培训工作者做职场事工

如果你有兴趣了解更多,欢迎跟John联系:[email protected], 07492863943

金融城中文事工 - 联系武江(John) 金融城中文事工 - 周日普通话聚会