Life events

St Helen's is here for you at all stages of your life. We hold baptisms, weddings, funerals and memorial services.


We are delighted to welcome both children and adults to Christian baptism.

Baptisms of children are held in the main Sunday 10.30am or 4pm meetings. They are a way to celebrate a child’s birth, thank God for them and commit as parents to raise the child in the Christian faith. We want to support parents as they bring up their children to follow Jesus and we invite you to talk to us about the kind of baptism service you would like for your child.

Adult baptisms take place at all of the Sunday meetings. It symbolises the new life that Christians enter into through Jesus’ death and resurrection, and it is a powerful statement of faith and commitment. If you think the time is right for you to get baptised, we would love to talk it through with you. Please contact St Helen's Reception for more information.

Baptisms - Email St Helen's Reception


Congratulations on your engagement. We would love to be able to help you as you plan your wedding service. Please do get in touch to explore the possibility of holding your wedding with us. You can get married in St Helen's, or any Church of England church, if you can show that one of you:

  • have at any time lived in the parish for at least six months, or
  • was baptised in the parish, or
  • is confirmed and your confirmation was entered in the register of confirmations for St Helen’s Church, or
  • has at any time regularly gone to normal church services at St Helen's for a period of at least six months.

Alternatively, if you can show that:

  • one of your parents, at any time after you were born has lived in the parish for at least six months, or
  • one of your parents in your lifetime has regularly gone to normal church services in St Helen’s for a period of at least 6 months, or
  • one of your parents or grandparents was married in St Helen's.

Weddings - Email St Helen's Reception

Marriage Foundations course

We run a three week course designed to give engaged or recently married couples a solid Christian foundation to their marriages. We let the Bible teach us how to build a marriage on the Christian principles of grace and forgiveness, while tackling practical issues of communication, conflict and sex.

The course is also suitable for people who wouldn't call themselves Christian. Please email Richard and Philly for more information or to reserve a space on a course.

Marriage Foundations course - Email Richard & Philly Marriage Foundations course - Upcoming courses


We are sorry for your loss and are here to support you as you grieve. Should you wish to arrange a funeral or memorial service at St Helen’s please email St Helen's Reception.

Funerals - Email St Helen's Reception