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God speaks to us today through his eternal word, the Bible. In the Bible we discover who Jesus is and hear what he has to say to us. We make all of our resources available to everyone to help people know God better.

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St Helen's resource library

Search our resource library for talk series, individual talks on audio and video, Bible study notes, training videos, articles and more. Our resource library has everything you need to help you understanding the Bible better.

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Resources for sceptics, Christians, preachers and everyone else

Catch up on talks

If you can’t make a service, or you want to catch up on a series, listening to talks is a great way to make time for God and learn more about him through his word.

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St Helen's training

St Helen's training is aimed at helping people study and teach the Bible. Our 'Preaching Matters' and 'St Helen's training' videos can help you handle and teach the Bible.

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Articles from St Helen's

Read articles written by St Helen's staff on Bible teaching and reflections from recent talks.

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All of our resources are available through our resource library. To help you access St Helen's resources, we also make our resources available through a number of other platforms including apps, podcasts and video channels. St Helen's also publishes books, which are available through 10ofthose and a number of other booksellers.

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