Associate scheme

God's word brings life to a dying world. There is nothing the world needs more than men and women who are passionate about that word and equipped to bring it to others.

The associate scheme is our voluntary training programme, aiming to prepare servants of the Lord Jesus Christ who are gripped by God's word. We seek to train men and women in the Scriptures: to listen carefully, to teach them boldly, confident in the power of Jesus’ words to bring resurrection life. We want associates to unleash God’s word for the good of the church, our city and the world—now and in years to come.

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Three great reasons to join us

Bible training

You will have access to two excellent training resources:
1. PT Cornhill gives a good general foundation, covering Bible books, biblical theology, some doctrine, and aspects of ministry practice and Christian character. There are weekly teaching practice groups with constructive feedback.
2. St Helen’s in-house training provides stretching seminar style discussion, adding significant depth to study on a few key Bible books. Serious preparation and willing engagement are required—we aim for associates to be better and more confident Bible-handlers, able to train themselves and others.

St Helen's Church is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKPRN 10061154).

Ministry training

A chance to learn ministry in practice by being placed in one of our ministry teams. Placements include teaching the Bible in small group studies and one-to-one, giving talks, praying for and planning the work, and developing a ministry area—all overseen by one of our experienced ministry staff.

Practical service

A vital if unglamorous part of the scheme, enabling ministry at St Helen's to happen and giving an opportunity to learn what is needed behind any gospel ministry, in running a church. It is good team-bonding time for about eight hours a week, helping to move furniture, clean, operate the AV system and perform other duties.

2020/21 applications

Applications are now open and you can apply by completing the application form. You can also download the associate scheme brochure for more information.

From the outset, it is possible to apply to join us for a stand-alone year, usually year one of the scheme. However, year two or year three can also be joined in this way, depending on previous experience and do not have to be completed consecutively.

The deadline for applications is 29 February 2020. Please email the associate scheme team if you have further questions.

2020/21 applications - Application form 2020/21 applications - Associate scheme brochure