The Christian view of sex is profoundly counter-cultural. Much derided but little understood, it is seen as outdated and joyless. In the light of the sexual revolution of the 1960's, it seems outmoded, irrelevant. At the same time the social and personal damage caused by family breakdown in the UK alone is undeniably vast. Against this backdrop of fragmentation, the biblical view of sex and marriage is positively revolutionary, and at least worthy of a second look. This is why the title of William Taylor's talk series is 'Revolutionary Sex'.

In it, William explores scriptural teaching on marriage and on the purpose of sex, relating it to the the gospel and to the ultimate marriage of Christ with his people. A biblical approach to sex, he argues, will ultimately satisfy more than any of the alternatives on offer. One of the four talks is devoted to same sex relationships, and the final talk is followed by an extended question and answer session.

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