Flic Carswell is a member of 6pm and City Women's Worker

We saw in part 1 that because we know Jesus, we have all we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). God has equipped us for godly living – even when we are at work. Peter is saying that as we choose not to gossip by the coffee machine, as we say no to that next glass of wine while out with the team, as we work hard even when our boss is on holiday, as we actively pursue godliness…we become more like Jesus. It’s not just that we get through work, but that God uses work to grow us in our likeness to Jesus (2 Peter 1:8).  

Don’t mishear what Peter is saying – it’s not that ungodly behaviour will lose us our salvation. God has given us all we need for life. But do hear the encouragement to strive for godliness. Do hear the assurance that even when it seems impossible, we can be godly. Don’t give up.  

But what does it look like? Godliness can be defined as being like God. It’s being like Jesus. 2 Peter 1:5-7 could be a description of Jesus. It’s character rather than a list of things to tick off. We are to be growing in Jesus-likeness. 

Here’s the beginnings of thinking through what 1:5-7 might look like in reality – but each person and context are different so be thinking, praying, chatting about what it might look like for you. 

We are called to ‘supplement our faith’ with:

-Virtue: moral energy. Being honest, having integrity, not just avoiding gossip but seeking to change the subject to better things, championing what would please God, treating people with respect. 

-Knowledge: relational knowledge of God. Prioritising this even when at work – getting His word into our daily working day in whatever way we can. Don’t let knowing God be something that only happens when you aren’t at work. 

-Self-control: controlling our desires and cravings – know Jesus’ way, know God’s view on the world; say no to things that clash with that. 

-Brotherly or sisterly affection: the way we treat other Christians. Actively accept other Christians at work, seek to love them, show that you stand with them. 

-Love: visible, active love for others. Going out of your way to be kind. Knowing people, having time for people, prioritising others above yourself. And being spiritually concerned for others – where do they stand with Jesus?

Let’s encourage one another, as those who have been equipped to be like Jesus, to strive for godliness in our workplaces. Let’s pray that the Jesus-likeness would define every aspect of our lives. 

Image: blupics (Creative Commons)