On Sunday, William preached on John 1:29-34. In this post, we start to think through some applications from the sermon. Our aim here is to start to reflect on a sermon’s applications and implications; not simply to repeat the sermon. We hope it helps you do the same.

‘Plastic Jesus, plastic Jesus, riding on the dashboard of my car...’ So the country singer sings. We laugh. But I think I sometimes view Jesus like this. A nice fuzzy fridge magnet kinda-guy.

As I’ve pondered Sunday’s sermon this week, I’ve had to ask God to help me. To help me see Jesus as the massively significant, completely history changing, incarnation of God he really is. Because, we saw on Sunday, Jesus is huge in history: He changed the story of sin (John 1:29)

I know Jesus forgives my sin.

But do I really get that he changed the entire system, the entire way in which sin is dealt with? Erm, not quite. Do we get that Jesus came to solve the biggest problem this universe has ever had? Do we get that he was the blemish- free, perfect Lamb of God, who could successfully provide that solution? It’s massive.

Jesus is huge in history: he changed the story of obedience (John 1:33-34) I know Jesus helps me obey.

But do I believe that he turned the system of obedience upside down, and inside out? Erm, sure doesn’t always feel like it. Do we believe Jesus did the heart transplants that put human obedience towards God back on the table? Do we get that before him, no human could ever obey God? That after him every human potentially can? That he is the one who gives us the Spirit of God?! Wow. Jesus is huge in history. If I got how hugely history changing Jesus is, I’d sure do more than ‘take him with me, when I’m travelling far’.

I’d love him. My application this week has included choosing to love Jesus more; by actively deciding to think (meditate) on Jesus. It’s what we’ve been doing throughout this post. I ask myself questions like: what is so good about Jesus? Do I like these things about Jesus? When I do like them: why? When I don’t: why not? Is there a good reason I’m struggling to love this, or a sinful reason? And then I take that thinking to God in prayer, repent of my wrong views, and ask him to love Jesus more. I thank Jesus for his changing history abilities. It’s amazing how stopping and thanking him, helps me appreciate and love him more.

I’d back him and the fresh start he brings. Instead of being cynical about what Jesus offers; seeing it as small, feeble or weak; John helps me see what he offers is massive, history changing, and successful. I’ve been meditating on this too. John helps me see it makes sense to choose his fresh start with its forgiveness and new eternal life. It convinces me the other fresh starts I look to (political, social, or even a set of good resolutions), don’t match up. They just don’t offer forgiveness that works, or obedience that is secured.

So let’s ask God to help us view Jesus as the massively significant, completely history changing, incarnation of God, he really is. And let’s keep meditating on Jesus as we meet him in John.

Jesus is huge. Bin your plastic version now.