lonely walk

On Sunday evening we asked you to send in your applications after Mickey's sermon on the plagues in Exodus. Here are some of the applications that were texted in. We hope they help you to keep meditating on God's word this week and talking about it together.

  • This is a foretaste of what it is to stand against God and so experience his powerful judgement. We should yield to him, tell others about this judgement and pray they will yield to him too.
  • Knowing God’s power is supreme, sovereign and saving puts everything into perspective and makes me realise what is truly important. God is completely in control and will bring about what truly matters: making his name known in all the earth through our Lord Jesus Christ. It makes things that I worry about or am anxious about a lot more insignificant.
  • When we look at God with a telescope and not a microscope, we realise his sovereign plan is greater than we can understand and that we are not at the centre of it—he is!
  • This changes how we approach the whole Bible story. God wants to be known for who he is, on his own terms. So our job is to listen to what he has done and what he has told us in the Bible, rather than try to shoehorn each part of the Bible into our own preconceptions of who he is.
  • I was chatting to a colleague about God and she was saying “I like to think that God is like…” It was really helpful for me to be really clear that we don’t get to define who God is, that he chose to introduce himself and allow us to know him. It is such good news that our God is a rescuing, delivering God!
  • If we want to know God, we shouldn’t assume we know what he is saying or what he is like. We need to come to his word, humble and ready to be completely changed.
  • I am struck by how much I fight against God in certain areas of my life and try to keep them to myself. It’s crazy to think I can keep control when he is sovereign over all areas of my life.
  • Knowing that God calls himself a rescuer and that he is using Egypt to make his name known changes my attitude to worldly powers that make God look weak. God is completely in control and purposefully uses his enemies and spiritual blindness for his great salvation plan like he did with Pharaoh to rescue Israel from slavery.
  • Knowing that God is a God who delivers and has the sovereign power to save is encouraging because we can put our trust in him rather than on earthly things.
  • I love this expansive picture of who God is! It makes me think, no wonder Jesus says to Peter in the storm: “Why are you so afraid?” or when he says of Jairus’ daughter that she is only sleeping—he is the supreme and sovereign and saving Lord! It emboldens me to follow Jesus and to live for him in a world of little pharaohs.