In this short video, Amy shares some of her thoughts on how to make the best use of the lockdown for personal devotion. At first she thought more time meant she should tackle a 'project' in her devotions. She soon realised a better way was to ask 'how can I grow in my relationship with God?'. It’s more about depth and strength of relationship rather than achieving a project. Two ways she has found helpful to do that are:

  1. Read what you need to read: having favourite passages is absolutely fine. It’s good to read things that are familiar or comforting. Another idea is to pick things that speak of what you need to hear. Whether it's passages about the gospel, God's sovereignty, God's care for people, suffering, being a disciple or loving people. Pick something and read what you need at this time.
  2. Another idea is to let the Psalms teach you how to talk to God. They give us language that helps us express our sadness or anxiety. They also give us the language to praise God and give him thanks.