On Sunday we had our last sermon in the Exodus series. Aneirin spoke on chapters 35–40.

If 35:21 has stirred your heart, how could you be using what the Lord has give you in his service? How have you come to know the Lord your God better through the book of Exodus?

Two members of the 4pm congregation have a written a reflection on the book of Exodus. They were asked share a truth God has taught them, and how that truth has impacted the way they think and live. The purpose of these reflections is to encourage all of us to be meditating on what the Lord has taught us personally in Exodus, and how that ought to impact our whole life.

Anna's reflection

From the sermon on Exodus 20:22-23:33 I was reminded that God rules every part of our lives, all the time. It seems simple and yet it is so easily forgotten. We clearly see the truth that God demands total devotion (20:23) when the Israelites are commanded not to make any other gods before the Lord. Looking back on my notes I wrote that we need to keep the completed work of Jesus in our hearts.

This sermon spoke to me when Chris Fishlock described 23:10-19 as keeping "God-centered calendars". Often I find my calendar filling up quickly but without a greater purpose in mind. I was really challenged to keep Jesus at the center of my daily life. This changed my attitude toward my desire to control my day. Exodus helped remind me that God wants control of every part of my life! Now I pray that I give him all of me, including my diary.

Richard's reflection

God's rescue of the Israelites from Egypt has been a theme of the recent series in Exodus. The image of him carrying his people "on wings of eagles" has really struck me. How wonderful to be reminded of God holding us up, when we sometimes feel like we are tumbling out of control. We are truly dependent on our loving Father and I've been reminded of that over and over. The great work that God does in reaching out to the Israelites, taking them out of Egypt, providing food and water in the desert, and coming to dwell with them, really show his love for his people, even when they (and we) prove to be unworthy.

Another thing that has struck me in Exodus has been the detail of God's instructions. The many laws and rules laid out in Exodus often feel overwhelming but they show the vast difference between our ideas of being "good enough" and God's perfect holiness. It wonderful to read these laws, especially the 10 commandments, as not just instructions on how to live now, but also as God promising to grow and change us to be the holy people He has called us to be. As we struggle with trying to live godly lives, it's great to remember that God continues his work in us, his people, shaping our thoughts and hearts.