After the golden age of Solomon's reign, the kingdom has fallen precipitously, and lies divided: Judah in the south and Israel in the north.

Will things ever return to the peak of the golden age? Will there be another king who will seek after the Lord with his whole heart?

King Asa seems to fit the bill. In chapter 14, Asa seeks the Lord, and the Lord grants a tremendous victory. By chapter 15, Asa is demolishing all the idols, even the precious idols of his own mother! Asa is dedicated and devoted to the Lord. Things seem to be going well...

This model reign is then shipwrecked in chapter 16, when Asa acts foolishly and finds his security in men rather than God. We must look for a different kind of king!

This was written to make Israel long for the reign of a perfect king, who always sought the Lord. In the Lord Jesus, we see absolute obedience, someone who completely sought the Lord. We are to align ourselves with King Jesus and his agenda.

Questions for reflection

  • What are the areas in my life where my allegiance is divided, and I find my delight in others things besides Jesus? What might it look like to demolish or root up such idols?
  • What will it look like for me to be devoted to Jesus with all my heart and soul? At school? At work? At home? At the school gate?